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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Thursday 6 August 2015

1:10 Song You Have To Hear

Avant Gardener.  By Courtney Barrett. 

1:15  The future of urban golf courses - Dr Dushko Boganovich

Local council board agrees to look at carving up the Chamberlain Park Golf course in Auckland - a step closer to making it nine holes, instead of 18.  With the city's population expanding at a rate of knots, what is the best use for such large swathes of green land in the city?

1:25 Actress - Angela Zhou

Angela Zhou is a kiwi actress making it big in the states - she's currently working on the hit series Hell on Wheels, playing a Chinese American rail road worker in the fifth and final season of the show.  We speak to her after a day on set in Calgary.

1:35 Author - Jock Vennell

This weekend marks the 100th anniversary of the battle at Chunuk Bair, and perhaps the best known New Zealander to serve at Gallipoli, and fall during that campaign, is Lieutenant Colonel William Malone.  Military historian and author, Jock Vennell, is due to launch the first ever biography of Malone.

1:40 Feature Album

The Band's debut album, Music From the Big Pink (1968).  Narrated by Geoff Lealand.

2:10 A sigificant announcement from Radio New Zealand 

Radio New Zealand has announced that John Campbell will be fronting a new drivetime news show.

2:20 Roadmap - Te Aroha

Today we are in Te Aroha at the foot of Mount Te Aroha, the highest point in the Kaimai's.  A town of about 4,000 souls, 53km northeast of Hamilton and about 50km south of Thames.   

3:10 The Expats - Linden Wilkie

Linden Wilkie, a wine merchant providing top notch tipples and tastings to the people of Hong Kong.

3:25 Masterpieces - Cilla McQueen

A New Zealand poet tells us about her favourite piece of poetry.  Summer 1967 by James K. Baxter. 

3:35 Our Changing World

Parks and forest remnants are becoming increasingly important aspects of urban planning, and Kiri Cutting, a PhD student at Waikato University, is trying to work out how cities can improve and better maintain their green areas.

Stories from Our Changing World.

3:45 The Panel Pre-Show

What the world is talking about.  With Noelle McCarthy, Jim Mora and Zara Potts.

Music details

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TITLE: Avant Gardener
COMP: Barrett
ALBUM: The Double EP: A Sea of Split Peas

ARTIST: The Band
TITLE: Tears of Rage
COMP: Manuel
ALBUM: Music From the Big Pink
LABEL: Capitol

ARTIST: The Band
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COMP: Danko
ALBUM: Music From the Big Pink
LABEL: Capitol

ARTIST: The Band
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ALBUM: Music From the Big Pink
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ARTIST: Ricky May
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ARTIST: Rob Ruha and Maisey Rika
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ARTIST: Jimmy Buffett
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ARTIST: Head Like a Hole
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Song at 3.35

ARTIST: Frazey Ford
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