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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Tuesday 3 February 2015

1:10 Your Song

Danny Boy - Margaret Sheridan. Chosen by Emily McDonald of Auckland

1:20 The Critics

1. TV review – Phil Wallington

2. Books – Mary McCallum

3. Music – Martyn Pepperell

4. Web – Ben Gracewood

2:10 Marlborough's Dry Spell - David Babich

The hot, dry weather in Marlborough continues and water supply to vineyards in the area hangs on a knife-edge. Class B water restrictions took place in the Wairau Valley yesterday. A pulse of rain has seen the supply kick back in today, but a Marlborough District Council spokesperson warns the supply will be off again by the weekend. And warns Class A restrictions could take place in Waihopai within the next week. David Babich is the General Manager of Babich Wines. The company grows 80 per cent of its grapes in Marlborough.

2:20 Voices Of Faith - Steve Cournane and Rocio Figueroa

There will be a significant New Zealand presence at an international gathering in the Vatican next month, focusing on the role of women in the Catholic church. The event is called Voices of Faith. It's in its second year and grew out of comments from Pope Francis that "It is necessary to broaden the space within the church for a more incisive feminine presence". A song called Voices of Faith will be sung in Rome by Wellington blues singer Laura Collins. She'll be accompanied on piano by Wayne Mason, the acclaimed writer of hit songs like Nature. The song writer is New Zealander, Steve Cournane, and his wife Rocio Figueroa is second in charge of organising the event.

2:30 NZ Reading - The Thrill Of Falling #2

Koro continues his storytelling about Tupaea, determined that his mauri is in Little -Tu, despite puberty and bad behaviour kicking in. His parents build him a home gym where he works out with his father who then decides to join his brothers driving buses in Wellington. Koro and Nan are very upset at Little -Tu's leaving and Koro gives him a red feather to protect him  

2:45 Feature album

Teenage Dream - Katy Perry

3:10 Abdelkader Benali

The attacks on the offices of French Magazine Charlie Hebdo have highlighted the anger and alienation felt by some young Muslims in Europe. Moroccan-Dutch novelist Abdelkader Benali knows what it's like to feel isolated, different, unaccepted. He grew up in Rotterdam in the late 1980s. He says there is a lack of courage to embrace the Muslims of Europe as genuinely European - as citizens like everyone else.He's written about the issues facing Muslims in Europe for the New York Times.

3:35 Our Changing World

In the winter of 2016 the Department of Conservation and the Million Dollar Mouse project are planning to eradicate mice from Antipodes Island. At the end of last year, as part of the lead-up to the eradication, Alison Ballance joined an expedition to this remote and seldom-visited subantarctic island. What she discovered was an 'island of strange noises'

Stories from Our Changing World.

3:45 The Panel Pre-Show

With Jim Mora, Julie Moffett, Nevil Gibson and Steve McCabe