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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Monday 15 December 2014

1:10 Best song ever written

'Alone Again Or' by Love.  Nominated by Simon Towle. 

Nga Taonga Sound Vision1:20 NZ Retro: The Year - 1966

Archival audio supplied by Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision.


At least one gunman has taken several people hostage at a cafe in the Australian city of Sydney. Pictures on Australian television show at least three people with their hands up against a window, and a black flag with Arabic writing.Beau Mitchem 2GB reporter is outside the Sydney Opera House.

2:15 3D printed turntable - Oana Jones

One innovative New Zealander is getting attention around the world. Auckland animation teacher Oana Jones has made a working turntable. But what's unusal, is that she's done this with a 3D printer and a sewing needle.It's an entry in The Ghostly Vinyl MakerBot competition and the winners will be announced tomorrow.

2:20  Gold-plated bicycle - Laban Roomes

A bike often graces the wish list for Christmas but one British company has taken this to a whole new level. A company called Goldgenie has just launched a gold-plated bicycle, one you can actually ride, but one you which will set you back around half a million New Zealand dollars. The founder of the company is a man named Laban Roomes.

2:30 NZ Reading

Peter Hambleton reads the sixth part of  'How To Catch A Cricket Match' by Harry Ricketts.

2:45 Feature album

Crime of the Century - Supertramp (1974).

3:10 Feature author - John Carlin. Oscar's Fall From Grace

Blade runner, Oscar Pistorius represented the best of South Africa, and now he is a symbol of its worst.  We talk with journalist, John Carlin who examines the  Paralympic champion turned killer in a new book. Carlin puts the Pistorius story in the context of a country trying to overcome the legacy of a brutal past.

3:30 Indian Street Artist - Lynda Chanwai-Earle
Coming up at 3:30: from Rolling Stone Magazine to Grey Lynn, a world famous Indian artist interprets Auckland street life. Lynda is on the streets of Grey Lynn hearing from the artist and his assistants (Western Springs College students) as they race against a deadline to complete a vast mural depicting Auckland's busiest suburb & it's people.


3:45 The Panel Pre-Show with Julie Moffett, Jim Mora, Chris Trotter and Irene Gardiner.