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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Thursday 7 August 2014


1:10   Best Song Ever Written - 'It's a Beautiful Day' by Michael Buble, and nominated by Virginia Pak of Hamilton

1:20   Our New Zealand A to Z - Great Old Pubs of New Zealand: Our pub tour guides are: Loraine de Visser (Wimbledon Tavern) .. Karen George (Becks White Horse Hotel) and Val Croon (Hotel Chatham).

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2:10  Could Be Solar Car World First - Hayden Smith: A group of Australian students believe they're on the verge of a breakthrough in the way we drive. The group from the University of New South Wales has developed a solar car, called the Sunswift eVe, which has just set a record for the fastest average speed over 500 kilometres. The students reckon that means they're a step closer to producing the first street legal solar powered car. Simon talks with project director for the Sunswift team,  Hayden Smith.

2:20 Our World Youth Bridge Team - Nick Jacob
The New Zealand youth bridge team is heading to Turkey today to compete in the World Youth Teams Championships. It's the first time since 2008 that New Zealand has sent a team. The six-strong squad will play against 21 countries and says there'll be tough competition.

2:30  NZ Reading: Kevin Milne reads part 2 of the wonderfully titled autobiography, The Life and Times of a Brown Paper Bag.  The remarkable amusing and sometimes very moving autobiography from Kevin Milne - New Zealand's best known and award-winning battler for the little guy
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CD - MAT 230 Solo Instruments -US Blues and Folk. Tk 30 On My Lonesome by Anders Lewen, Lars-Erik Lidström, Tore Berglund.  MATCH Music Ltd.
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BOOK: The Life and Times of a Brown Paper Bag by Kevin Milne Pub: Random House, NZ (2010) ISBN-978-186979-3821

2:45  Feature Album -  'Me Myself I' - Joan Armatrading. (1980)
3:10  Important Orca Being Tracked - Dr Ingrid Visser - The country's pre eminent expert on orca is celebrating what she says is an important discovery about one particular animal.. which may have much wider implications.
Dr Ingrid Visser has been tracking one orca for a decade, and just yesterday she got close enough to it, identify it as a female.  And she says that provides important information about how orca can survive strandings.  Dr Visser is the founder and principal scientist of the Orca Research Trust.

3:20 Past Sea Level Change - Veronika Meduna - Geologists from Victoria University have set up a drill rig on a remote sheep farm in the Whanganui Basin, one of the world's best sites to study ancient changes in sea levels. Thanks to a combination of tectonic uplift and erosion, the rocks just beneath the ground in this area are about three million years old, from a period in Earth's history when carbon dioxide concentrations were similar to today.

3:30 Martha Stewart - Simon Watts from BBC Witness: In July  2004, the American TV celebrity was convicted for lying to federal prosecutors and sent to jail for five months. Famous for her cookery and home-making books, Stewart had many fans in prison and even managed to make friends. One of them, Susan Spry, talks to Witness.
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3:45  Panel Pre-Show -  Julie Moffett with what the world's talking about today: Russia strikes back with sanctions of its own, why you shouldn't panic over the big Russian internet hack; we heard yesterday about the benefits of aspirin in preventing cancer, but does that mean you should take it or not? Hallelujah; someone on a high salary gives some of it away to poorly-paid workers under him. Dieting makes you miserable, there's no such thing as an endorphin high when doing it, either, claims some expert. And the importance of sunlight in preventing dementia.

4:06  The Panel -  Gary Moore and Catherine Robertson are on The Panel today: The Rena - reef or removal? Greenpeace's charitable status. 2101 if you have any thoughts on any of our topics. Starting again in life in a foreign clime if it were affordable - where would you go? Laila Harre and the sugar daddy comment. If a monkey takes a photo of itself who owns the photo? And charging for weddings in parks.