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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Thursday 31 July 2014

1:10   Best Song Ever Written: 'Is That All There Is' by Peggy Lee, chosen by Jenny O'Connor of Wellington

1:20   Our New Zealand A to Z calls into the tourist destination of Hanmer Springs in the Huranui District. Our tour guides are: Graham Abbot, Rosemary Ensore and Mary Holloway.

2:10  Rocket Lab - Peter Beck: The New Zealand aerospace company, Rocket Lab, has big plans to open up space for business. The company has unveiled a greener rocket capable of sending small satellites into space for a fraction of current costs. Electron, the 10-tonne, 18-metre carbon-composite rocket, could carry satellites weighing up to 120 kilograms into space. Peter Beck is the founder of Rocket Lab.
2:20  Skinny Wine - Fabian Yukich
: The New Zealand wine industry wants to get skinny. And it's going to spend around 17 million dollars in a research project to do just that. In this case, the word "skinny" refers to wines which are lower in alcohol, and lower in calories. Villa Maria Wines is participating in the project, and Fabian Yukich is the Executive Director of Wineries and Vineyards for the company.

2:30  NZ Reading: Part four of  'Naked in Budapest'  read by author Heather Hapeta.
Heather experiences Africa and rafts down the Zambesi River.
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Human Stories 2 ATMOS266 ©  Atmosphere Music Ltd  Tk. 10 Simple Chain of Events  by Mark Sayer-Wade. The Voice  KPM428 ©  KPM Tk. 4 The Saffron Trail by  Kevin Malpass
2:45  Feature Album -  Main Course - Bee Gees (1975)
3:10  Man Caves - Roger Thorn: They are traditionally places where men go, to be with their mates, to talk men's talk, watch sport, drink beer, and play music ..loudly. A man's retreat, then, often described as a "man cave".
And according to Roger Thorn of Nelson, they are alive and well. Roger is the curator of a new art show called 'Boys Zone: an exploration into the art of Man Caves.'

3:20  Great White Shark Research - Alison Ballance: Electronic tags have revolutionised the study of seldom-seen marine creatures such as sharks and whales, and Alison Ballance catches up with NIWA's Malcolm Francis and shark expert Ryan Johnson to find out about the latest insights into great white sharks in New Zealand and South Africa. She also meets some eager young shark fans over a shark dissection.

Stories from Our Changing World.

3:30  The World's First Jet Airliner - Paul Schuster from BBC Witness: In July 1949, the British-built de Havilland Comet took off for the first time to become the world's first jet-propelled passenger plane. But a flaw in its construction would end up costing lives and leaving crash investigators baffled. Mike Ramsden was an apprentice aeronautical engineer who worked on the jetliner.
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3:45  Panel Pre-Show - Julie Moffett with what the world's talking about today: The unease over the global spead potential of the Ebola virus, the woman who took the money off the people getting onto planes, can Google predict when the sharemarket will crash? 'Tis said it can. How many Americans are being pursuded by debt collection agencies, this is fairly astounding; and even more sombrely, the suicide gene. But this in fact could turn out useful.