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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Tuesday 22 July 2014

1:10   Best Song Ever Written: Mike Conway of Raetihi nominated 'You're My Best Friend' by Queen
1:20   The Critics
TV - Irene Gardiner

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Books - Vanda Symon    
The Children's Pond  by Tina Shaw

Music - Colin Morris

ARTIST:    Passenger
TITLE:    Hearts On Fire                           
COMP:    Mike Rosenberg    
ALBUM:    Whispers  Tk 3
LABEL:    (RM) NZ    

ARTIST:    David Gray    
TITLE:    Back In The World
COMP:    David Gray, Andy Barlow     
ALBUM:    Mutineers   Tk 1
LABEL:    Universal        

Web - Ben Gracewood
2:10  The Mountaineer - Guy McKinnon: It's been hailed as a 'once in a generation' feat of mountaineering - the ascent of the West face of Mount Tutoko in Fiordland National Park near Milford Sound.
And in the early hours of Sunday morning, Christchurch man Guy McKinnon realised a long-held dream when he achieved the climb - it's seen as one of the greatest remaining challenges in New Zealand mountaineering.

2:20 Football United - Nick Daly: The World Cup brought international football to our television screens and now some top flight footballers are about to display their skills on New Zealand pitches.
For the first time, two English premier league sides are touring here together: Newcastle United and West Ham.
One fan who's been waiting a long time to see West Ham play on our shores is Wellingtonion Nick Daly, who set up the Kiwi branch of the Hammers Supporters Club.

2:30  NZ Reading: Mick Rose reads 'The Retread' ,   the second part of 'Telegraph Tales'  by J Edward Brown
Telegraph Tales is a series of five stories about Jimmy Preston-cadet telegraphist for the Postal and Telegraph Service in the days when messages were sent in morse code - and the people who sent and received them had a desirable skill, even after official retirement.
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'Celebrity Tune'  from  Hot Big Band Jazz. Carlin  CAS 024

2:45  Feature Album -  Boys and Girls - Bryan Ferry  (1985)

3:10  Feature interview - Scott Barry Kaufman: The science of creativity... we talk to Scott Barry Kaufman from the Imagination institute at the University of Pennsylvania who says talent and creativity are not just things you're born with or not... that science shows there are ways to develop imagination and creativity in all of us.
3:30   Memory - Ruth Beran: The brain is incredible at learning new information and updating what's already stored there, but how does it do it? University of Otago's Cliff Abraham and Bruce Mockett are looking at the connections between brain cells, to try and work it out, and explain to Ruth Beran how this research may one day help people with Alzheimer's disease.
Cliff Abraham

3:45  Panel Pre-Show - Zara Potts with what the world's talking about today: Plastic Island in the Pacific Ocean, not gyre any more but geography; how to make millions on youtube - really simply, from the sound of it. The deepening relationships of young people with their pets (relationship substitutes), how women like daughters, and for that matter why?