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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Tuesday 1 July 2014

1:10   Best Song Ever Written: Stayz Raukawa of Marlborough Sounds nominated 'Tiny Dancer' by
Elton John.

1:20   The Critics
 TV review - Phil Wallington
 Books - Vanda Symon
Shady Characters: The Secret Life of Punctuation, Symbols, & Other Typographical Marks  -  by  Keith Houston
Music - Colin Morris

ARTIST:  Thievery Corporation    
TITLE:     Decollage                                                 
COMP:   Arr:  Rob Garza, Eric Hilton
DUR:      3' 18"
ALBUM: Suadade ESL 220
LABEL:   ESL 220    

ARTIST:  Quantic (Feat:  Alice Russell)        
TITLE:    You Will Return                                                 
COMP:   Will Holland, Alice Russell
DUR:       3' 55"
ALBUM:  Magnetica  -  Track 2
LABEL:    Boarder NZ / TRUCD 286    

 Web - Ele Ludemann
 An audio illusion - once you know what you're hearing you'll hear it:  

2:10  The 'Kid's Literature Quiz' - Wayne Mills: Twenty-three years ago Wayne Mills was attending his childrens' intermediate school prizegivings when he realised that among all the certificates being handed out for sports and other activities there were no prizes being awarded for reading.
Being a senior lecturer focused on children and their literacy - he soon struck upon an idea to reward young readers - in the form of a quiz.
The link:

2:20  Zombie Map - Aaron Falvey: Well if you thought you'd seen the last of the Zombie movie genre. think again.. the undead are still reanimating our screens...and thanks to a new app called 'Zombie Map'.. Kiwi filmmakers are getting the oportunity to showcase their own zombie movies to the world...
Aaron Falvey has just spent the weekend shooting a five minute zombie film for the app and the project has taken him just two weeks to get off the ground..
The self taught auteur made the movie for a few hundred dollars.. a lot of generosity from the Blenheim community... quite a bit of hard work from the cast and crew .. and a whole lot of pizza.

2:30  NZ Reading: Our reading of "Embracing the Dragon" by Polly Greeks continues today. It is the story of her trek along the Great Wall of China with Nathan Gray, a journey that included many of its most remote and dangerous sections.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Miao Xiaoyun: Sound from Afar ( Chen Wenjie) from the album "The Art of the Chinese Lute" EUCD 1864 ARC
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  
BOOK:  Embracing the Dragon: A Woman's Journey Along the Great Wall of China by  Polly Greeks Pub: Awa Press  ISBN-978-0958262958

2:45  Feature Album -  Ultraviolence by American singer-songwriter Lana Del Rey, just out.
3:10  Feature interview - David Katz: Everyone wants a Mr Carson, the devoted butler from Downtown Abbey.  Demand for butlers among the ultra rich is growing. We'll talk to GQ writer David Katz who went to an exclusive butler training school in London to find out what it takes to serve the rich and famous.
3:30  House Spiders - Alison Ballance
Alison Ballance makes a house call on Canterbury Museum natural history curator Cor Vink to find out what kind of spiders live in a spider expert's house - and discovers two things. That white-tailed spiders are supreme spider killers don't deserve the bad rap they get - and that daytime during winter is not the best time to look for spiders!

Stories from Our Changing World.

3:45 The Panel Pre-Show - Zara Potts today with What The World's Talking About: Algeria versus France, the cruel ending, but not as cruel as 1982; and the World Cup death toll in Colombia. The workers who die at their desks, solar-powered park benches, Julian Assange's debut on the catwalk, the world's most powerful celebrities, and what sort of phone will you be holding in 5 years from now?