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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Thursday 12 June 2014

1:10   Best Song Ever Written: Jan Fryer-Knowles of Napier nominated 'All in the April Evening' by the Glasgow Orpheus Choir

1:20 Our New Zealand A to Z - Lake Rerewhakaaitu" Simon's New Zealand A to Z guide takes you to
Lake Rerewhakaaitu - about 30 k's east of Rotorua - where many locals are getting set for the annual Possum hunt over the next few days.

Fishing at Lake Rerewhakaiitu
Fishing at Lake Rerewhakaiitu

2:10  The Gene Detective - Dr Colleen Fitzpatrick: In a remarkable case of modern forensic detective work's been discovered that a Dunedin taxi driver is linked to a long unidentified victim of the Titanic disaster.
More than 1500 people died after the passenger liner struck an iceberg on April 15, 1912. The ship, said to be unsinkable, was just four days into its maiden voyage from Southampton to New York City.
More than 300 bodies were recovered, and just one of them was that of a child. And that child's identity remained a mystery for more than 80 years.
Leading American forensic genealogist Dr Colleen Fitzpatrick helped identify the child

2:20 The Cheese Roll 'Factory' - Haylee Davis: Forget the cake stall, the meat raffle and the sausage sizzle... if you want to do some serious fund raising then the cheese roll is the way to go.
The cheese roll season is in full swing in the South Island and in Timaru, the Grantlea Downs Home and School Committee says it's made more than 45 thousand cheese rolls last weekend alone.
Simon talks with committee chairwoman, Haylee Davis, who's been leading the charge.

2:30  NZ Reading: The final episode of 'The Broken Book' written and told for us by Fiona Farrell.
Stopped for lunch Fiona feels the quake on the 22nd of February 2011, but the car radio reveals the true impact.
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Documentary Odduty CHAP380 © Chappell Recorded Music Library Ltd
Tk. 15  Inching Higher by Daniel Pemberton.
Tk. 18 Desolate Reflection by Bob Holroyd.

2:45  Feature Album - 'Benefit' by Jethro Tull

3:10  Fifty Thousand Feathered Friends - Simon Morton: We'll meet a couple who raise 50,000 patridges, pheasants and ducks in Hawke's Bay - most of them end up shot by hunters!

3:20  Tsunami Hazard - Alison Ballance: Large earthquakes in Japan, Indonesia and in the South Pacific in recent years, and the devastating tsunamis that followed, have provided vital information to geologists working on tsunami hazards around New Zealand, as Alison Ballance finds out when she meets geologists William Power and Graham Leonard from GNS Science.

3:30 The Titanic Connection - Ken Goodwin: Earlier on the programme we spoke with Dr Colleen Fitzpatrick... the gene detective that helped discover that a Dunedin man, is linked to a long unidentified victim of the Titanic disaster.
More than 300 bodies were recovered from the water, and just one of them was that of a child. And that child's identity remained a mystery for more than 80 years. Taxi driver Ken Goodwin has found out that he is likely linked to the mystery baby.

3:45  What The World's Talking About with Bridget Mills today. The Rick Mayall World Cup song, a bit of that, superstar statistician Nate Silver puts his brain to work picking winners at the World Cup, Austin Mitchell has resigned as a British MP. So what to anyone under 45 I imagine, but he was once a very famous man in NZ. Is Panadol Rapid really rapid? How much of a premium do you get with the premium painkillers? Do you still go down to the video store to get your DVDs? Bridget knows when that'll change. And the interesting and long-running libel case in Australia that will make critics careful about slagging the chef.