1:10  Best Song Ever Written: 'Au fond du temple saint' by Sole Mio

1:25   Our New Zealand A to Z - Kawakawa: Our tour guides: Kelly Stratford, Dennis Hewitt & Noma Shepherd    

2:10  Laptop Theft -   Maike Wetzel: It's about the worst type of send off you could imagine. German writer Maike Wetzel has been in New Zealand on a three month writing residency, based in Sexton's Cottage in central Wellington.
She's been finishing off her new book, and next week is due to go home to Germany. But at the weekend, her laptop, containing her latest work, and priceless other personal files, was stolen.

2:20  The Dalek Builder - Chris O'Connor: Hamilton man, Chris O'Connor is a man who builds his toys rather than buys them. He's constructed a life-size speaking  Dalek - named Kublai Khan - in his garage.
It's a rarity - there are only 15 of its kind in the world. And he's already receiving offers of cash for it...which he's turned down.

2:30  NZ Reading: The fourth of eight programmes adapted from the book 'Crete 1941 Eyewitnessed'  by Costas Hadjipateras and Maria Fafalios.
Senorees Apotin Kopsi (Greek National Anthem) by N.Mantzarus Arr: E.Banks [Studio-G G-CD-07]  Dur: 0:44

2:45  Feature Album - Full Moon Fever - the first solo album by Tom Petty (1989)            

3:10  Rails Girls - Simon Morton: Rails Girls is a global, non-profit volunteer community that organises workshops to teach women how to write code and to programme. Simon Morton drops into a Rails Girls workshop to meet the participants and organisers Merrin Macleod and Kelly Cheesman.

Rail Girls  Auckland is on Auckland July 4/5 2014 more info at Railsgirls.com/auckland

3:20  West Antarctic Ice Sheet - Veronika Meduna: Last week, NASA issued a warning that glaciers flowing from the West Antarctic Ice Sheet have entered a state of irreversible decline and that there is nothing to stop them from melting. New Zealand palaeo-climate scientists discuss the consequences this will have for sea-level rise.

3:30 Assassination of Rajiv Gandhi - BBC Witness: In 1991 the former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated. We hear from a journalist who was with him just moments before the attack.

3:45  Melanie Phipps with what the world's talking about: Why's China stockpiling oil? Where gambling addictions get you. Google's plans for ads everywhere in your life. The death of the influential Prince Rupert and the birthday of the world's oldest man. The world's first robot as a company director, the big perception trouble universities are having now, the clever chemistry mnemonic that backfired, and why are Chinese nurses dressing up as flight attendants?