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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Tuesday 20 May 2014



1:10  Best Song Ever Written - BettyWhite of Otorohanga nominated 'Going Home' by The Serious Ukelele Ensemble

1:20 The Critics:
Irene Gardiner - TV
Broadchurch - TV ONE, Sunday nights at 8.30pm.
Nashville - TV ONE, Wednesday nights at 9.30pm
Graham Beattie - Books
What WH Auden Can Do For You  -  Alexander McCall Smith  (Princeton University Press)
Nick Atkinson - Music
ARTIST:    Carnivorous Plant Society
TITLE:        Slave Song                         
COMP:     Finn Scholes
ALBUM:    Carnivorous Plant Society
LABEL:    Private

ARTIST:    DLT feat: The Mighty Asterix                    
TITLE:        One Love
COMP:    D Thompson, P Buchannan, A McNaughton
ALBUM:    The True School

Ben Gracewood - Web
2:10  The Technicolour Veteran - Bernard Coombs
It's hard to articulate just what an impact technicolour had on cinema audiences when it was first introduced in the 1930's and 40's.
Technicolour was the process of colouring motion picture negative from back and white into colour and it was celebrated for its saturated levels of colour - giving films such as 'The Wizard of Oz' and 'Gone with the Wind' their characteristic style.
One man who knows all too well about the magic of technicolour is Bernard Coombs of Wanganui... the 96-year-old started work at the Technicolour Motion Picture Company when he left school and apart from a six-year hiatus during the Second World War - he worked with the company all his life.
2:20  The VW Travellers - Ivan Hodge
Beth and Ivan Hodge have been married for 55 years and in those years they've had many adventures.. several of them in their VW beetle.
The last trip they made in their 1960 Volkswagon was in 1996 when they drove the car from London to India  - recreating a journey they had orginally done as newlyweds in 1961.
Now, Ivan Hodge has just turned eighty, but that doesn't seem to have slowed him down at all - as he and Beth are now in the early stages of planning their third Beetle journey... A journey they hope will take them from Iran to Germany.

2:30  NZ Reading: We continue 'Crete 1941 Eyewitnessed' - an account of the battle for Crete 73-years ago, between Allied troops and the German army.
Senorees Apotin Kopsi (Greek National Anthem) by N.Mantzarus Arr: E.Banks [Studio-G G-CD-07]  Dur: 0:44

2:45  Feature Album - Ghost Stories - Coldplay       
3:10  Feature interview - Wayne Ma: It's sometimes called the air-opocalypse, the air quality in some Chinese cities is so bad... it fails to meet minimum standards 48% of the time.  Western Corporations are having a hard time recruiting and retaining staff to live in  places like Beijing.. and with our government's plans to increase trade to China. Simon talks to Wayne Ma from the Wall Street Journal about daily life on Red Alert pollution days and the impact on business.  

3:30  Giant Weta - Justin Gregory:
Auckland Zoo's wetapunga captive breeding programme is starting to see results. From just twelve adults taken from Hauturu-O-Toi/Little Barrier Island, they've bred over 2000 young weta and are now starting to release them on predator-free islands in the Hauraki Gulf.

3:45  Zara Potts has what the world's talking about today:  More on being able to get yourself removed from googlable view. Donald Sterling is about to lose his basketball team. What is thriving in the radioactivity around Chernobyl. Yes, we know that animal life is flourishing, albeit with a glow, but an interesting animals is among them. How to smile and succeed, what kind of smiling to do. And timing is everything in life. The rock band that broke up at the wrong time.