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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Thursday 15 May 2014

1:10   Best Song Ever Written

1:20   Simon's A to Z - Akaroa
2:00  Radio NZ News Budget Special - presented by Susie Ferguson: Live coverage of the 2014 Budget with special correspondents and our political editor, Brent Edwards.    

3:10  Feature Interview
3:20  Unearthing Urban Streams - Lisa Thompson: Auckland loses about 11 kilometres of stream each year through culverting, which forces the water through underground concrete pipes. But in the first project of its kind, council engineers have reversed the process and unearthed a stream in West Auckland's La Rosa reserve.

Our Changing World

3.30   BBC Witness - Mods vs Rockers:How rival youth gangs clashed at the English seaside resort of Brighton in 1964, sparking a moral panic.

3:45  Panel Pre-Show - Chris Gilbert
What the world's talking about today. The 155 eavesdroppings on the Duchess of Cambridge by The News Of The World as she discussed marrying Prince William; the circumstances of the bidding war for the CCTV footage of rapper Jay-Z being attacked by his sister-in-law in the lift; Toyota, as in Top Gear last night on TV, sees the future of cars in hydrogen, not electric batteries; Interesting interview comments by actor Viggo Mortensen - Aragorn in the LOTR - saying films 2 and 3 were a shambles until they threw rescue money at them; more research findings on cellphones and the brain.

4:06  The Panel -  Stephen Franks and Duncan Webb.
Bernard Hickey in the first half as well, as we discuss the Budget, the obsolete technology you probably don't think is obsolete at all, but be warned. If crime is coming down why are sales of stab-proof vests up, is it just wrong perceptions or rightful caution? And speaking of perceptions, the store we set in public opinion of the Budget and how relevant that is.