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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Tuesday 13 May 2014

1:10   Best Song Ever Written - Doug Foster of Taradale nominated 'I'm Movin' On' by Hank Snow.

1:20 The Critics

Phil Wallington - TV
Vanda Symon - Books
Swimming in the Dark  by  Paddy Richardson
Colin Morris - Music
ARTIST:    Willie Watson    
TITLE:    James Ally Blues                     
COMP:     Richard Brown
ALBUM:    Folk Singer Vol 1    
LABEL:    Acony 205

ARTIST:    Michael Jackson                        
TITLE:    A Place With No Name
COMP:    Dewey Burnell, Michael Jackson and Dr Freeze
ALBUM:    Xcape
LABEL:    Sony

Ele Ludemann - Web
The danger of isolation from social media:
Important life lessons from older people:   

2:10  Still Playing at 93 - Harry Taylor: The walls of Waitakere Stadium are reverberating with the sound of thousands of little white plastic balls right now, as the World's Veteran Table Tennis Championships start.
Just under two thousand competitors from 60 different countries have descended on Auckland, the largest ever international contingent of table tennis players ever to travel to New Zealand. In amongst it all is our own Harry Taylor from Christchurch. Harry Taylor is 93 years old and is the senior-most competitor in his pool - the over 85 mens grade.

2:20  Off To Nepal - Hunter Stewart Newman: Fourteen-year-old Hunter Stewart Newman has never been on a plane.. nothing too unusual about that.. but his first overseas adventure will be taking him to Nepal.. a pretty exotic location for a first-time traveller.
The Year 10 student is part of a six-strong group from New Plymouth Boys High who will be travelling to the mountain kingdom later this year to experience first-hand a culture entirely different to our own - This is a social studies class, quite unlike any other.

2:30  NZ Reading: Today in part 2 of ' Under the Influence'  an autobiographical essay by poet Bill Manhire,  Bill recalls the part that the culture of pubs played  in the life of his family throughout his childhood.
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Doris Day: Que Sera Sera (Livingstone/Evans) In the Lounge /  Rajon RMGR 0032 /  60"
Fess Parker: Davy Crockett (Blackburn/Burns) Television's Greatest Hits / TVT 1600 /  60"
Connie Francis: Lipstick on your Collar (Lewis/Greenfield) The very best of Connie Francis / Polydor 827 569 / 60"

2:45  Feature Album -  Wrecking Ball - Bruce Springsteen (2012)     
3:10  Feature Author - Adam Braun: Pencils of promise.. running a non profit like a business.
Social entreprenuer Adam Braun talks about  the business of making a difference, He blends nonprofit idealism with for-profit business principles. He started pencil of promise after an OE in India.. The organization t builds schools in third world countries His new book is called, The Promise of a Pencil: How an Ordinary Person Can Create Extraordinary Change.
3:30  Wine Awards - Ruth Beran: With so many options to choose from, buying a bottle of wine can be a tough decision. Rosemarie Neuninger from the University of Otago is investigating whether wine awards influence consumer's perception of quality and Ruth Beran volunteers to be a guinea pig in one of her experiments.

3:45  Panel Pre-Show - Zara Potts:  The world's most drunken countries, the great secret that was kept from Scotland, the short men living longer, the problem with going up into space on a comercial flight - you won't actually be going up into space. The fabulous new use for cassette tapes - you can store your life on them. Casey Kasem has gone missing, in sad circumstances, famous for hosting American Top 40, and what is the link between soap and male infertility? Oh, and the best-selling Holocaust memoir which turns out to have been a memoir in the author's mind.