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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Thursday 1 May 2014

1:10 Best Song Ever Written - Annie Lloyd-Jones from Lake Okareka near Rotorua nominated Voyage by Christy Moore

1:25 Your Place tour guides from Te Anau today

2:10 Dot's Castle - Dot Smith: According to the title of a book about her life - Dot Smith is the Queen of Riverstone.  Since she moved to Northern Otago in 1983, she - with her family - has built Riverstone into six dairy farms, three gift stores, an award winning restaurant and now... her very own castle, complete with dungeons, a drawbridge, and secret passage.

2:20  The Free Rider - Alycia Burton:Imagine the skills and training needed to be a competitive showjumper - and then deciding to do it... on a horse with no saddle or bridle. Well that's what life is for Alycia Burton, a twenty five year old, who has created a new brand for bareback horse riding called 'free-riding'. The Dunedin resident now has tens of thousands of followers around the world following a viral video of her jumping barriers nearly two metres high, bareback on her horse Goldrush.

2:30  NZ Reading - Brian Turner, award winning poet, relates tales of fishing, friendship and foolhardy trips into the wilderness of the South Island . . . all seasoned with disarmingly honest commentary on his fellow man and the way we treat one another and our world.
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CD - UBM 1178, Improvisationalen fur Klavier, Tracks 5 and 7, Sebeliusiana, Comp and perf by Maximilian Kock

2:45  Feature Album -  What's Going On - Marvin Gaye (1971)
3:10  Wikihouse - Simon Morton: The "Wikihouse" is a new global open source building movement that's trying to revolutionise how we build our homes. Designers Danny Squires and Martin Luff are hoping wikihouses can play a part in the Christchurch rebuild.

3:20  3D Printed Robot - Ruth Beran: To study how humans interact with robots, Eduardo Sandoval and Tim Pomroy are making a life-sized humanoid robot using 3D printed parts. Called InMoov, the design for the robot is freely available on the internet, and Ruth Beran goes to the HIT Lab at the University of Canterbury to eyeball it for herself. Our Changing World

3:00  Benito Mussolini - Louise Hidalgo of BBC Witness: In April 1945, thousands of Italians crowded into a Milan square to see the body of the wartime fascist dictator, Benito Mussolini. He, his mistress and his close associates had been shot by partisans, and their corpses strung up by their feet for all to see. We talk to the poet Franco Loi, who was in the crowd that day, and to an American journalist who has documented Mussolini's last days.
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3:45  Panel Pre-Show - Chris Gilbert (Wn studio)

4:06 Gary McCormick and Tainui Stephens are on The Panel today: Maurice Williamson gone from cabinet. The intractable problem of truancy and the classifying of young truants as dummies, brats and the bullied. The importance - or not so much - of sleep. New, problematical Maori words.