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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Tuesday 29 April 2014

1:10 Best Song Ever Written - Adrienne Matthews of Nelson nominated '18 Roses' by Jacquie Walters.

1:15  Critical Mass - Our critics are back - Phil Wallington (TV) Nicky Pellgrino (books) Colin Morris (music) and Ele Ludeman (web).

2:10 The Kiwi Surfer -  Paige Hareb
Hundreds of surfers have converged on New Plymouth this week to compete in the New Zealand Surf Festival at Fitzroy Beach. The competition boasts some of the world's best surfers... hoping to qualify for the Association of Surfing Professionals World Championships. One of those is twenty-three year old  Paige Hareb... she's currently ranked number ten in the world.. and is looking to finish this week's competition  in the top five placings. A New Plymouth native... she's happy to be back on the beaches she grew up in.. but a hometown advantage means nothing when it comes to the fickleness of the ocean.

2:20 Star Wars Celebration - Kristy Glasgow
While May the fourth may not be a date that has a great deal of significance for many of us... it has been appropriated  by legions of Star Wars fans as an international day of appreciation for the Star Wars movies... the Star Wars way of life, in actual fact. Why May the Fourth? Well.. because it works very well with a famous line from the movies....May the forth be with you.... This weekend, hundreds of thousands of Star Wars fans around the world will be watching the films.. including here in New Zealand where a marathon screening of all the films is taking place in several of our main centres. One of those who will be going along is Kristy Glasgow. She's not just an ordinary fan - she and her husband Matt are devoted to the Star Wars way of life.

2:30 Reading: Episode 2 of  Into the Wider World.
Brian Turner, award winning poet, relates tales of fishing, friendship and foolhardy trips into the wilds of the South Island - today retracing pioneer trails with two friends into the wilderness of Northern Fiordland

2:45 Feature Album - Everyday Robots by Damon Albarn

3:12 Tune your engine - Jeffery Kripal
Embracing the unexplained... dreams that come true... feelings of de  ja vu... We'll talk to professor Jeffery Kripal (cry pull)  who is the head of religious studies at Rice University in Texas. He says we need to study the impossible to understand our brains and ourselves.       

3:30 Reducing Household Rubbish - Alison Ballance (ex Costar 9'20)
Trevor Staines is a stay-at-home dad who has revolutionised his shopping habits after taking part in a Massey University study on home rubbish and recycling. The Staines were one of four Palmerston North families recruited by Corinna Tucker and Trisia Farrelly for a 10-month waste minimization study.

4:06 The Panel - Michelle A'Court and Mai Chen. The woes of Christchurch again, the elderly people in south Auckland who keep getting burgled, the major disadvantage of living in the first world compared with the third world. The Labour party's compulsory Kiwisaver idea, the woman asked to leave the church because of her de facto relationship. What is a berry forest? And the photo in the exhibition at the Gow Langsford Gallery of the accused murderer, and should it be there?