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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Thursday 3 April 2014

1:10 Best song ever written - Rockelbel's Canon (Pachelbel Canon in D") chosen by Quentin Johnson of  Timaru

1:15 Your place -  Ruakaka

2:10 Second chance with Jacob Leezak
When everyone else has given up on a dangerous dog - and the only option left is to put it down - Jacob Leezak steps in to save the animal from death row. The third generation dog trainer has grown up around dogs and even now has a pack of 27 living with him and his family in North-West Sydney. The work that Jacob Leezak does is soon to be the subject of a documentary, made by a local kiwi filmmaker Eryn Wilson

2:20 Gumboot Grans with Barbera Anderson
After nearly two decades, the Gumboot Grans marching group is still going strong - and due to host the annual marching display this weekend in Taihape. More than 200  ladies from 19 goldien oldie marching teams will be performing at the event this Saturday.  Barbera Anderson, of the Gumboot Grans is coordinating the display.

2:30 Reading
We continue our adaptation of Mona Williams autobiography - 'Bishops'. After the joy of living under the care of her great grandmother in Georgetown, Mona Williams and her siblings are brought back to reality. And in today's episode of her autobiographical book 'Bishops', Mona recalls the change of accommodation after Granny Adriana left, and the mean housekeeper her mother hired to replace the loving relative.

2:45 Feature album - On the Border - the Eagles (1974).

3:12 - Simon Morton
The global app market for smartphones and tablets is worth billions of dollars. But how easy are apps for blind people to access and navigate around? Jonathan Mosen of is helping developers make apps that are more user friendly.

3:20 Dinosaur Fossils - Veronika Meduna
When Joan Wiffen, a self-taught fossil hunter, unearthed her first dinosaur fossil almost 40 years ago, she rewrote New Zealand's natural history. As palaeontologists found during a fieldtrip to the region she worked in, the rocks still holds some ancient secrets.

3:30 The First Ebola Outbreak -  Claire Bowes from BBC Witness
In August 1976 the first outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus was registered in a small village in northern Zaire. Almost 300 people died before the outbreak was eventually contained. the BBC World Service  history programme 'Witness' features two doctors who helped deal with the health crisis.

Stories from Our Changing World.

4:06 The Panel
On The Panel after 4 today are Ellen Reid, the business editor for Stuff online, and lawyer Scott Yorke.
New Zealand top of the world in Harvard's social advancement survey - are you surprised? How will they enforce the ban on rugby players and their familes betting on rugby? The Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust and its money shortfall, again. Should cyclists be able to run red lights and should road maintenance vehicles be able to speed along the shoulder of a motorway with flashing lights? How come there is such variance in floating mortgage rates?