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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Monday 31 March 2014

1:10 Best song ever written - Nine Million Bicycles - Katie Melua chosen by Steve Knudsen from Orere

1:15 Eight months to Mars - our next passenger to Mars is Auckland neuroscientist, Dr Kerry Spackman - long-time consultant to Formula One racing teams, and the All Blacks, and author of the best selling book The Winner's Bible. 

2:10 Building the Mosquito with Glyn Powell

In aviation circles Glyn Powell is known as the man who saved the Mosquito warbird from extinction. The World War two fighter plane had a fearsome reputation but it soon disappeared from peacetime skies, and it was feared that the plane - that was made entirely of wood - would never be seen in the skies again. That is until Glyn Powell got it in his sights. In true kiwi ingenuity style..  Glyn built the warplane from scratch in his shed. It was a task that took him right across the world in search of drawings and parts, and after more than twenty years he finally got the plane airborne last last year.On Friday, the 80-year-old was awarded the Queen's Service Medal for his efforts in preserving aeronautical heritage.

2:20 Model Trains with Stan Larsen

If you were in Invercargill this past weekend  you may have been one of the many who flocked to see the model train exhibition at the Train and Hobby Show. Seventy- year- old Stan Larsen is a regular at these shows, exhibiting his collection of vintage locomotives that he's been collecting for about thirty years. His love of model trains was first sparked when he was given one for Christmas when he was ten years old, and while he keeps meaning to thin his collection out, it just seems to keep on growing.

2:30 Reading

Mona Williams is a Guyanese storyteller, writer and educator whose action-packed stories and dramatic presentations have enthralled audiences for decades. Mona Williams is also a vibrant New Zealander who has written more than  twenty books. Most are for children but over the next ten days, we're going to feature her reading something aimed at a more general audience - her autobiographical tales of life at an exclusive secondary school in British Guiana during the 1950s . It's called 'Bishops'.

2:45 Feature album - Radiohead, 'The Bends' (1995)

3:12 Feature author - Dr Scott Weems

We also have an American neuroscientist on the show, Dr Scott Weems, about why we laugh at some jokes and not others. His new book is called Ha - The Science of When We Laugh and Why.

3:30 Lost Years - Lynda Chanwai-Earle

Historical discrimination against Chinese across the world had a shocking effect on communities from Canada, America, Australia and New Zealand. It's the subject of a multi-award winning film called 'Lost Years' by Canadian director Kenda Gee that includes powerful New Zealand stories. 

4:06 The Panel - David Farrar and Garry Moore

The Coroner's findings over the CTV collapse; how many rats and mice cats kill compared with birds; how you should dance; what elements you'd want on a new flag - Research NZ polling. Other polling, and while it's too early to choose the nails for any party coffin that's not stopping the pundits measuring one up. And rural retirement is deemed too risky for the elderly by Auckland City, it won't sanction a site a quarter of an hour from Silverdale. We have two questions - should we forbid retirement homes as well on places like Waiheke Island, and what does this augur for a whole host of small communities with ageing populations right around NZ?