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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Tuesday 18 March 2014

1:10 Best song ever written

I wanna be your boyfriend by The Ramones chosen by Donald Ellis from Sefton

1:15 Critical mass

Phil Wallington on television: political coverage and TV commissioning.
Graham Beattie on books: Whales and Dolphins of Aotearoa New Zealand by Barbara Todd.
Nick Atkinson on music: WOMAD 2014
Ele Ludermann on the web: 10 words we should live by and something for parents.

2:10 One legged golfer - Marty Clark

If you've ever played a round of golf, you'll know how important it is to keep your balance when you're about to take a big swing at the ball...Well imagine how much more difficult that would be if you had just one leg.

Marty Clark doesn't have to imagine - for him, it's a reality. He lost his leg - from the hip - after a motorcyle accident 30 years ago, but that has not stopped him from excelling in many sports and he's now got his eyes firmly set on golf.

2:30 Reading - We Will Not Cease part seven

In the early years of the 20th century, Archibal Baxter came to the conviction that he was against war. And because it was wrong he refused to have anything to do with it, either in combatant service or in any way that would help in carrying it on. By 1917 he'd been jailed and forced sent onto a troop ship to England  because of that belief. And as we resume his story in  our reading today - he's in an army cell,  handcuffed behind his back, because he refuses to wear of a uniform.

2:45 Feature album

Tommy (1969) by The Who.

3:10 Tune your engine - Memory world champion Dominic O'Brien

Give Dominic O'Brien 54 packs of shuffled playing cards, show them the order once, and he can recite the sequence back to you in order... all 2808 cards. Most of us would just like to be able to remember where we put the car keys. O'Brien has won the World Memory Championships 8 times. He says having a good memory is not something you are born with, it's something you have to work at. He's written more than a dozen books about his memory development methods. The world memory championship competitive season starts this month with contests all over the world.

3:30 Our Changing World

Auckland is home to more than 50 volcanoes, and it's always been assumed that each volcano erupted only once. Justin Gregory meets geologists who have spent the summer on Rangitoto, drilling down through the island's thick lava in search of more evidence to support the new theory that Rangitoto may have erupted more than once and be much older than previously thought.

3:45 Panel Pre-Show with Zara Potts

4:06 The Panel - Michele A'Court and Stephen Franks

The latest political poll; the latest theory about the disappearance of MH370; possible sanctions on Russia; Rudolph Steiner teachings; screening students for "giftedness"; another school is closing; and where in New Zealand would you most like to live if your job allowed?