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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Monday 9 December 2013

1:10 Best Song Ever Written - Ann Milton-Tee of Gisborne nominated 'Rhythm of Life' by Sammy Davis Junior

1:25 Eight Months to Mars - Jeremy Corbett

2:10 Sub-Antarctic Islands - Ben Hines - Victoria University student, Ben Hines has just returned from a trip to the sub-antarctic islands. It's the first time the journey taken by a pioneering Australian scientist a century ago has been retraced. During expeditions in treacherous conditions - and on one occasion being forced to eat the sled dogs to survive - Sir Douglas Mawson gathered information about the wildlife around some of the sub-antarctic islands.
The journey Ben Hines has just been a part of updated Sir Douglas' observations … with a view to determining how the islands have changed during the past 100 years.

2:20  The Gelato Cart - Jed Boyce - Christchurch teenager, Jed Joyce needed a job, to save for a school trip overseas. He'd had a job in an ice cream shop, but it was only for the summer. So - when it ended earlier this year - he decided to design his own ice cream cart and get a bank loan, and he now sells gelato and sorbet in Christchurch's recently reopened New Regent Street.

2:30 Reading - a short story called 'Brandland' by Linda Niccol - a satirical look at contemporary sales techniques.

2:45 Feature album -  'Same Trailer Different Park' - Kacey Musgraves

3:10 Feature Author - Paul Salopek - Across 21 thousand miles, over seven years, the double Pulitzer Prize winning writer and National Geographic Fellow, Paul Salopek is on a journey that will take 30 million footsteps. He's walking the world, from Africa to Tierra Del Fuego following the paths of the human beings who set off on the first and greatest voyage of sentient discovery, the ancient migration across the planet that started 60,000 years ago.  Paul calls it the "out of Eden Walk". He's already traveled about 1600 miles.


3:30 The Halo Effect - Protecting City Birds - Jamie Tahana - Restoring the dawn chorus is the aim of a growing number of city-dwellers who are working to create so-called "Halo zones" around Wellington's Zealandia sanctuary. Jamie Tahana meets some keen volunteers to find out what they're doing to help native birds that are moving out of the sanctuary into suburbia.

4:06 Mark Inglis and Jock Anderson are on The Panel today: The choice of NZers going to Nelson Mandela's funeral, measuring poverty in NZ as the Children's Commissioner tells us one child in four is a poverty victim. Your favourite destinations in NZ. Another talk about speed on the roads. The Greenpeace chuggers, and shall we just make bar owners honorary police officers now as the new drinking laws come in?