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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Monday 11 November 2013

1:10 Best song ever written - Hikaru Freeman of Auckland nominated 'E depois do adeus' performed by Paulo de Carvalho.

1:25 Eight months to Mars - Gemma Rix.

2:10 Bungy Jumping 25 Years On - AJ Hackett  -The company credited with getting New Zealand on the world adventure tourism map - A J Hackett Bungy - celebrates a quarter of a century in the business tomorrow.
When the company was set up - on the Kawarau Bridge near Queenstown - the Department of Conservation only gave it permission to operate for 30 days.No one thought the fad off leaping off a bridge would take off.
But 25 years later, more than three-million people have paid to bungy jump at A J Hackett's 15 sites throughout the world.

2:20 The Rickshaw Run - Sacha Moreland - A New Zealand woman is gearing up for the trip of a lifetime.
Sacha Moreland and a couple of friends will travel from Jaisalmer - near the Indian-Pakistani border - to Cochin in the south of India - in a three-wheeled rickshaw, more commonly known as a tuk tuk.
That's twice the length of New Zealand, in a vehicle which has an engine similar to a lawnmower's - and they have to do it in 14 days. And, no, none of them have any mechanical skills - but it's for a good cause, called the Rickshaw Run, the event raises money for Indian charities.

2:30 Reading - Julian Wilson reading the next episode of  'Heartland'  by Neil Cross
Door-stepping  missionaries are not necessarily popular in a city like Edinburgh.  But when two Men in Black arrived with The Book of Mormon, Ian Cross knew it was what he had been seeking.   And in today's reading from our book  'Heartland'  by Neil Cross at half past two, we hear how Neil's step-father embraced what they had to offer.
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2:45 Feature album -  On The Beach - Neil Young (1974)

3:10 Feature Author - Noble Smith - There are many famous role models in literature: atticus fitch from To Kill a Mocking Bird, Joe Gargery in Great Expectations.  Bilbo Baggins is not a role model  that usually comes to mind. But  playwright and Tolkien scholar Noble Smith believes everything you need to know about how to live a good life can be learned from Hobbits. Cherish good food, a warm bed a good night's sleep,and trusted friends. Greed is toxic and simple pleasures like a walk and a garden are the source of happiness. Smith also says there are many secrets to be gleaned from The Hobbit that are easily overlooked.We have a link to his website on our website and Facebook page.  He's written a book that's just come out in paperback called  The Wisdom of the Shire: A Short Guide to a Long and Happy Life.

3:30 Kakariki and the City Life - Alison Ballance - It's spring, and all around the country birds and animals are busy doing the 'wild thing' - and a relatively new population of kakariki, or red-crowned parakeets, in central Wellington are no exception. Alison Ballance heads to the Zealandia sanctuary to find out how these rare birds are enjoying city living.

4:06 Linda Clark and Mike Williams are on The Panel - The terrible situation in the Philippines, the increased shunning of Sri Lanka within the Commonwealth, the possible ABBA reunion. The extent of media responsibility for the Roastbusters as the Radio Live hosts are stood down. The claimed dangers in the air of letting novice pilots take the controls of aircraft when they're really not training as pilots, they're on adventure tourism flights.