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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Monday 9 September 2013

1:10 Best Song Ever Written - 'Why Can't We Get Along' by Hollie Smith nominated by Cate Hogan of Mayfield.

1:20 8 Months To Mars - New Zealand musician, John Hanlon is going to Mars. He back with a 'Best Of' record and a new book.

2:10 The Wanaka Baby Boom - Dr Wendy Bamford - Its a few years now since talk first started of a baby boom for Wanaka. Back in 2008, the Otago Daily Times put the call out for new babies to be brought to a photo shoot after reports of a bump in birth statistics for the Upper Clutha region.
Well, sixty babies turned up that June morning. Fast forward half a decade, and it's off to school for those boom-time arrivals. And there are a lot more than sixty of them..  as the boom takes off, the local school has been innundated with new pupils. Dr Wendy Bamford is the principal of Wanaka Primary School.

2:20 Streets of Laredo - Dave Gibson - Kiwi band,  'Streets of Laredo', now New-York based, has won a major music prize in The United States. The Unsigned Only Music Competition is run out of Nashville every year, and judged by the likes of Iggy Pop, Robert Smith from the Cure, and Frank Black from the Pixies..previous winners from New Zealand have included Gin Wigmore and Kimbra. But this year, it is Streets of Laredo who have triumphed in it, taking  First Place in the Adult Album Alternative  category. Dave Gibson, formerly of Auckland, is one of the founding members of the band, along with his wife and his younger brother.

2:30 Reading - Today we begin a three-part adaptation of a New Zealand hunting classic - 'Pack and Rifle' by Philip Holden.  The book was first published by Reeds in 1971 and republished by Harper Collins in 2012.
Rite of Passage by M Balitisaris, tk 11 OMATM009L

2:45 Feature Album - Genius Loves Company - Ray Charles  (2004)

3:10 Feature Author - Lesley Adkins talks to us about 'Jane Austen's England'  which looks beyond the romance of Pride and Prejudice at what England was really like in Austen's time.

3:30 Goat Island and Grey-faced Petrels - Alison Ballance - Every year more than 300,000 visitors head to the Goat Island Marine Reserve at Leigh, north of Auckland. But as they swim and snorkel their way past the little island that gives the reserve its name, how many of them give it any thought? One person who has is James Russell, winner of the 2012 Prime Minister's MacDiarmid Prize for Emerging Scientist, and Alison Ballance joins him to meet some of the grey-faced petrels that live there.

4:06 John Bishop and Andrew Clay are on The Panel today -  The Americas Cup, and are they expecting more strong winds in San Francisco? Because we're now hearing that Oracle's a boat for strong winds. Hindsight's a useful thing. The day before the regatta it was supposed to be a light winds boat. The Aussie election; the renegade dentists in the fluoride debate. Can you write out a cheque anymore? It would seem opportunities are becoming very few, the overweight South African chef given a reprieve, and how bad is caffeine for you.