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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Tuesday 30 July 2013

1:10 Best Song Ever Written - Mandy Hager of Kapiti Coast nominated 'Vincent' by Don McLean

1:20 Critical Mass

TV  - Phil Wallington

Books - Graham Beattie - 'The Luminaries' - Eleanor Catton

Music - Colin Morris

ARTIST:    Tom Russell & The Norwegian Wind Emnsemble     
TITLE:        Nina Simone    
COMP:    Tom Russell
DUR:        5' 46"
EDIT:        Start 40 sec in and fade at 1' 50"                     
ALBUM:    Tom Russell Aztec Jazz  -  Track 2    
LABEL:    Proper / PRPCD 113    

ARTIST:    The Band Courtbouillion
TITLE:        The Bosco Blues             
COMP:    Trad
DUR:        4' 32"
ALBUM:    The Band Courtbouillion
LABEL:    Valour (Imported)

Web - Elle Ludemann       
The Swedes have 15 words we need:
Things you know - or should - if you're a journalist:

2:10 Kevin's Coffins - Kevin Moyle
Direct marketing is proving very effective for a Taranaki man, who's selling his wares on the side of the road.
It helps of course, when you've got an eye-catching product, and Kevin Moyle's handmade coffin certainly fits that bill!
The carpenter from Eltam leaned his finished coffin against his front fence this week. And the orders have been flowing in!

2:20 The Arm Wrestler - Mat Heta-Morris
When the 2013 World Arm-Wrestling Championships kick off in Poland in September, there'll be kiwis in the competition for the first time.
We've never sent competitors to the world championships before, but this year we are sending 2 wrestlers,  including a brand new champion who has only been arm-wrestling for about two years.
Mat Heta-Morris from Rotorua is not only New Zealand's arm wrestling champion, he's an Australasian champion as well.
2:30 Reading - writer Shonagh Koea contrasts the Christmases in her life, from the bitterness and violence of her childhood - to the love, fun and peace of the day after she was married. And she tells how Leprechaun di Breanski became an integral part of the celebrations as her son grew a little older. That's in today's episode of 'The Kindness of Strangers'.
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Courante: JS Bach Suite No 1 in G for solo cello, BWV1007, Jacqueline du Pre. Tk 7  Testament SBT 1388

The recipe: Brown Sugar Shortbread

2:45 Feature Album -  Madonna's self-titled debut album from 1983.

3:10 Air Travel Change - Mark Gerchick.
There's less legroom in aeroplanes than there used to be... just one of the developments that have reshaped our air travel experience since September 11. We talk about the range of them with an industry authority Mark Gerchick. His book is "Full Upright and Locked Position: Not-So-Comfortable Truths about Air Travel Today".

3:30  Nearly 25% of all problem gamblers in New Zealand are from our Asian communities. Lynda Chanwai-Earle hears how Sky City Casino's expansion may hurt Asian New Zealanders most

4:06 Julia Hartley-Moore's on The Panel after 4 o'clock with comedian Andrew Clay. The new way that young couples will buy their first home. Also an old way. The banks are calling it 3rd party equity and you could also say it's relying on mum and dad. With the Hobbit over what becomes of our film industry? James Blunt's new single and the reason why everyone on Twitter knows about it. Was the drunk in the back of Invercargill taxi a victim of entrapment? Mike Pero's Hitler footage video, and has David Shearer crunched the numbers properly over how many absentee land-owners there are?