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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Friday 21 June 2013

1:10 Best Song Ever Written - Jim Hubbard of Napier has nominated 'Joe Hill ' by Joan Baez.

1:15 New Zealand Live today with Wellington three piece, Claude Reins.

2:10 The Icy Storm - Terrance Best
No matter where you live in New Zealand, the weather has delivered some unpleasant conditions - snow in the South Island, wicked winds in Wellington and freezing temperatures further north.  
Fierce winds disrupted travel plans all over the Capital.. with trains, ferries and buses cancelled. Even an albatross lost it's way and landed at Wellington Airport.
NIWA is looking for volunteers to measure the snowfall in their communities as part of their Citizen
Snow Project.

Hunkered down at the DOC Jumbo Hut  near Mt Holesworth  in the Tararua Forest Park is Terrance Best from the Upper Hutt Tramping Club. The weather has forced him to stay put.

2.15 Warbird Restored - David Watmuff
In 1942, an American pilot flying a Kittyhawk aircraft was forced to make a belly landing on a beach in Vanuatu during World War Two. He survived, but the plane remained  there on the beach, frozen in time for  47 years.
In 1989, the weathered, dilapidated, forgotten Kittyhawk was rescued and taken to Australia.  
The Wigram Air Force Museum traded one of their planes for the Kittyhawk in 1996.
Now, affter 16 Years and thousands upon thousands of hours of work, the Kittyhawk is on on display at the Air Force Museum in Christchurch.
David Watmuff is the Museum Collections manager and he is on the line with us from Christchurch.

The Kittyhawk link

2:20 NZ Society - David Steemson - For the first time in fifty years, the kiwis are calling on the Kaipara. Eight young birds have been welcomed on toa Kaipara farm, joining five   othersreleased two weeks before. David Steemson was there and joined locals  in getting up close to a kiwi bird.

Here's the info about “Tracking the Kiwi”  at Kaipara’s Mataia Farm

2:30 Reading - The final story in our series Sanctuary, to mark World Refugee Day, telling of people who fled their homelands  and made the tortuous journey to sanctuary and a new life with us here in New Zealand.  
Today a woman who sent an incredible 21 of her now 39 years on the run and in refugee camps before finding her way here. Hser Naymo - helped by Judith Gibson tells her story - ' Slow Road from Myanmar'.

2:45 Feature album - Out of the Blue -  Electric Light Orchestra (1977)   

3:08 One Stop Shop - Our weekend starts at three o'clock for you with a Julie Biuso recipe, Belinda Jackson on latest wine stories, and Sarah McMullan reviewing World War Z, This is the End & Still Mine.

3:40 The Awatere Shortest Day Pig Hunt - Richard Todd
The snow and cold isn't going to stop pig hunters from taking part in the inaugural Awatere Shortest Day Pig Hunt this weekend. The Starborough Tavern in Seddon, south of Blenheim already has 150 registered hunters from as far afield as Otago. The Hunt started today at noon and continues until the weigh in on Sunday. Richard Todd is the owner of the Starborough Tavern.

3:45 Pre-Panel Show - Susan Baldacci

4:06 The Panel - Garry Moore and David Slack - The price of a life - the airforce's compensation payouts to the dead airmen in the helicopter. The new deadliness of walking. Media headlines that bear little relation to reality, such as Wellington being hit last night by a freight train, should the good people of Arrowtown have the right to stop people coming to their town and living in cheap houses. Anything wrong with this new variety of nicotine dispensers as we cut down on smoking, and what they've discovered now about caffeine. Coffee's been getting great press lately, and there's no denying its benefits. It also has an interesting downside.