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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Monday 17 June 2013

1:10 Best Song Ever Written - Michael Morrissey nominated 'Astral Weeks' by Van Morrison

1:20 8 Months To Mars - Jim Tully

2:10 The American Run - Alison Bradley and Dale Sprague
She's half way there. New Zealander, Alison Bradley is attempting to run 4,800 kilometres across the United States from the east coast  to Los Angeles in 69 days. That's about 80 kilometres a day .. two marathons... every day in the height of the northern hemisphere summer.. in 30 plus degree weather.  She's running to raise money for cancer research in the US and New Zealand.   

The charity link.

2:20 Otago Floods - Alex Familton - the Mayor of Oamaru
They haven't seen conditions like this for a decade. So says the Mayor of Oamaru as heavy rain and slips closes roads around Otago.  All rivers from Milton north to the Waitaki River are swollen above flood level with all the rain. State Highway 1 is closed from the Waikouaiti River Bridge to the Karitane turnoff. Some travellers are holed up at the Maheno Tavern with the roads all around them flooded. And it looks like the rain will continue to fall for the next 12 hours.

2:30 Reading Today we're beginning 'Sanctuary', five short stories marking  World Refugee Day.
The series features the very personal and remarkable stories of people who have come from other cultures to escape war and conflict and have made their homes in New Zealand.  
Their stories have been adapted for radio by writer Elspeth Sandys (Pron: sands). In most cases, they  are told by actors.  However, to begin our series, today's story told is today by the young woman who, at the age of eleven,  escaped from war-torn Burundi.  
A young Burundian girl and her sister undertake a perilous, but life-saving journey out of the bloodbath that was Burundi and eventually find sanctuary in New Zealand.
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Tk1:  Burundian Drummers.  RWMCD1 The Drummers of Burundi. Real World/Virgin 1992 (a Womad production)
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2:45 Feature Album - Let It Be - Beatles  (1970)

3:10 Feature Author - Jared Gulian
Book title:  Moon Over Martinborough: From Michigan to the Wairarapa... How an American city boy became a Kiwi farmer. The story of two American city boys who gave up the fast life in Michigan to become olive farmers on a lifestyle block in Wairarapa. But a rundown Martinborough orchard was almost too much to cope with.

3:30 Lazy Eye - Lisa Thompson
In a world first, University of Auckland scientist Ben Thompson has discovered that playing the popular tile-matching game Tetris may be a cure for lazy eye in both children and, more surprisingly, adults.  Lisa Thompson, who coincidently has a lazy left eye, went along to the university's medical school to find out how a video game can prompt the brain to use both eyes at the same time.

For further information on Ben Thompson's research>

4:06  Matt Nippert and Neil Miller are on The Panel today. The weather down south, the receiving of Mediaworks, the efficacy of sex education, the hands on Nigella's neck, the Mark Lundy appeal, the cameras in taxis that don't work and Dame Susan's change of mind about the Nisbett cartoon.