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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Tuesday 11 June 2013

1:10 Best Song Ever Written - Andrew London of Kapiti nominated "One for My Baby (and One More for the Road)" by Frank Sinatra

1:20 Critical Mass

TV - Sarah McMullan

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Books Nicky Pellegrino - Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Music - Nick Atkinson

ARTIST:    Ahoribuzz

TITLE:        Sugar
COMP:    Aaron Tokona, Riki Gooch, Jonathon Crayford
ALBUM:    Unreleased      
LABEL:    Warner Music

ARTIST:    Fat Freddy's Drop
TITLE:        Clean The House                       
COMP:    D. Tamaira, C Faiumu, I Gordon, T Laing, S Towers, D Kerr, J Lindsay
ALBUM:    Blackbird
LABEL:    Rhythmethod

Web - Ben Gracewood

Contact Lens Computer: Like Google Glass, without the Glasses
Apple iOS7 announced

2:10  Kiwi Help in Haiti - Roger Wilson - In January 2010, a magnitude 7 earthquake devastated the Carribbean Republic of Haiti, killing hundreds of thousands of people, and displacing millions more. Three and a half years later, and much of Haiti is still under rubble, as the country-one of the poorest nations in the world-struggles to recover from the catastrophe. But the rebuild in Haiti, though slow, has started.
And there's a group of New Zealanders who've been adding their efforts to it, as part of a project that grew out of one Nelson family's tragic loss in January 2010.

This is the foundation that organised the trip. It was set up by a Nelson woman who lost her husband and two little girls in the Haiti earthquake of 2010

2:20 Cape Palliser Shipwreck - Ken Scadden - A memorial to one of New Zealand's most famous shipwrecks could do with a wash and brush up. The South Wairarapa District Council has been asked to tend to the headstone marking the grave of a dozen sailors who lost their lives when the Zuleika ran aground in Palliser Bay more than a century ago. The ship was on a voyage from Dunedin to Wellington when she struck the rocks near Cape Palliser after being caught in a heavy gale.The wreck was notable for the tragically young age of many of the sailors who died aboard. Ken Scadden is the President of the Maritime Archeological Association, and an archivist who knows the sad story of the Zuleika.

Here's the Auckland Star story from the National Library of New Zealand website - "Terrible Shipwreck"

2:30 Reading - Yesterday at half past two, we heard about Nora Sanderson's childhood adventure in 'The Tapu Bush'  near the Hokianga farm where she grew up in the early 1900's.
Today we hear schooling memories in the second part of her autobiographical story  'One of the Family', read by Kate Harcourt.
'Miss Annabelle Lee' (trad) from the Album 'Pleasures & Treasures'  [ Saydisc SC SDLC 362 ]
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  
One of the Family by Nora Brocas Sanderson  Pub: Steele Roberts (1999) ISBN-1877228184

2:45 Feature Album - True Colors - Cyndi Lauper (1986)
Cyndi Lauper's musical, The Kinky Boots, has just won six Tony Awards (the annual Broadway Awards), including Best Musical, Best Leading Man and Best Original Score.
Want to see last nights Awards Show opening by Broadway star and actor, Neil Patrick Harris - has the critics asking:

Is This The Greatest Awards Show Opening Ever ?

3:10 Tune Your Engine - Dan McLaughlin -  The theory is simply: to master any skill it takes 10-thousand hours of deliberate practice.  It's a theory made popular in Malcolm Gladwell's book Outliers. In April 2010, professional photographer Dan McLaughlin decided to put the theory to the test.
He quit his job and committed to spending  6 and a half years of  full time practice and hard yacker to play golf well enough to join the  PGA Tour. This from a man who had never played 18 holes of golf in his life.
With just over 5 thousand hours to go, he has a single digit handicap.    The Dan Plan

3:30  In today's Asian Report: A new chapter for China - New Zealand exchanges.  Lisa Thompson meets young Chinese writer Huo Yan (PRON Yen), the inaugural winner of the Rewi Alley Writing Fellowship.

4:06 Tony Doe and David Farrar are on The Panel today: More chat about how we're spied on, and the implications of Peter Dunne's resignation. What's going on with Owen Glenn's enquiry into child abuse? Are knighthoods simply the result of brownie points and should sitting judges get them? The new i-phone, the greatest invention since the telephone itself says Apple.