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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Monday 27 May 2013

1:10 Best Song Ever Written - Chris Jensen of Auckland nominated 'Life is Eternal' by Carly Simon

1:20 8 Months To Mars - Natalie Medlock

2:10 The Friendly Invasion - Maurice Perry  
71 years ago this week, New Zealand was invaded by US Marines. 15,000 of them to be precise, stationed at various camps around the Wellington region and the Kapiti coast. Locals called it 'the occupation', but far from being an act of war, this was friendly invasion by our North American Allies during the  war in the Pacific.
Today is Memorial Day in the USA, and the servicemen stationed here during World War II were remembered this morning at services in Old St Pauls and Queen Elizabeth Park in Wellington.
Maurice Perry  was 11 years old when the soldiers rolled into McKenzies Farm in Raumati South.

2:20 Aldo Moro - Alan Johnstone of BBC Witness
It is 35 years since the Italian Prime Minister was found dead in a car in Rome. He had been kidnapped by the Red Brigade, left-wing extremists, two months earlier.

2:30 Reading - Sixty years ago, on 27th May 1973, Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay left the British Everest expedition's highest camp for what was to become man's first successful  assault on the highest summit in the world. We begin a short series on Sir Edmund and the values that took him to the top.

2:45 Feature Album -  'Music' - Carol King (1971)

3:10  One Year Without The Internet - Paul Miller For 365 days, Paul Miller disconnected himself from the Internet. No Google, No Facebook, No Emails. That's a big deal when you're a writer for an online news and culture website.

3:30 Our Changing World - Veronika Meduna - Generation Zero is a group of young people with a clear goal: a New Zealand without fossil fuels - in their lifetime. Veronika meets Louis Chambers and Stephanie Gregor who want a zero-carbon future where all transport is electric. Other talent:Jace Hobbs from the Electric Bike Hub.

4:06  Michelle Boag and Brian Edwards are on The Panel - talking about school breakfasts provided by the Government, your chances of getting out of a loan by pleading that the money you owe is burdensome, are over-exercisers shortening their lives, should you have to tolerate a brothel in your street, exactly how much coffee should we be drinking, should dwarves be fighting and should we be concerned about our jobs if they involve something called Whole Body Shock?