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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Thursday 4 April 2013

1:10 Best Song Ever Written - Deena Coster of Waitara has nominated 'A Long December' by The Counting Crows

1:15 Your Place - Three highly qualified tour guides showing us around Mataura in Southland - one of our first real industrial townships.  

Jo Brand - Community Development Co-ordinator 

David Luoni - Historical Society

Becky Crawford - School

2:10 Argo - Richard Sewell - Since the Best Picture Award winning movie "Argo" was released last year it's been assailed for its inaccuracies.
Director Ben Affleck implied New Zealand diplomats did little to help 6 American hostages who escaped the US Embassy when it was taken over militatants in Teharn in 1979. Parliament even passed a motion expressing dismay about this error in the movie.  
In fact Kiwi diplomats, Richard Sewell and Chris Beeby met the US Embassy escapees many times while they were in hiding at the Canadian Ambassador's home.
Both of the New Zealand diplomats have since died, but there is a first hand account of what the New Zealanders did.
A diary written by Richard Sewell at the time of the hostage taking has just been donated to the The Alexander Turnbull Library by his partner, food writer Grant Allen.

2:20 The Smartphone Novel - Peter King
Every weekday on the 45 minutes each way commute from the Hutt Valley to Wellington, Peter King can be seen working furiously on his Smartphone.
He's not answering emails.. he's writing novels. In fact Peter may be the first person to write a 1500 page trilogy almost entirely with his thumbs on the slide out keyboard of his phone. The three book trilogy is called Changels Genesis, and has  just been released as an ebook. 
The story is about a Northland boy who joins a group of teenagers from around the world who act as secret gaurdian angels using advanced alien technology to protect  future world leaders.

2:30 Reading - Elisabeth Easther reads 'Voices' by Gail Pittaway
A teenage girl is visited by 'the almighty' and instructed not to go to the school dance.
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CD-PSE-105-106 Classical Line  Trk 8 Haydn: Concerto in E flat for trumpet and Orchestra, 3rd movement

2:45 Feature Album - The Hounds of Love - Kate Bush (1985)

3:10 The Real Peter Pan - Vincent Dowd -  BBC Witness - The tragic story of the real-life family that inspired the writing of Peter Pan.

3:20  The Props Maker - Katy Gosset
Katy Gosset meets a props maker extraordinaire -  Anneke Bester who has turned her hand to everything from theatre sets to the artefacts of the Hobbit movies.   

3:30  Shorebirds at Miranda - Alison Ballance.
Autumn. Leaves are beginning to change colour, and all around the country migratory wading birds such as godwits and knots mark the season by winging their way north to breeding grounds in the Arctic.
Alison Ballance heads to the Firth of Thames to see some of the waders before they all leave, and her guide at the viewing hide is author and manager of the Miranda Shorebird Centre Keith Woodley.

4:06 Jock Anderson and Scott Yorke are on The Panel today, and we'll discuss again the matter of the Prime Minister and his old, but not very good friend the head of the GCSB. The radio ads telling us to get our Census forms in - what happened to the urgency of doing it on the night as an exact impression of NZ life, and what happened to those penalties for not doing it? The job out there on the streets that's seven times more dangerous than police work and possibly about half as well paid. Jessie Ryder's alleged assailants in court, the new trend towards living on prison grounds, and is it just sabre-rattling on the Korean Peninsula or are the sabres out of their scabbards? Or whatever a sabre lives in.