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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Tuesday 19 March 2013

1:10 Best Song Ever Written - Cliff  Bartle of Wellington nominated "When He Returns" by Bob Dylan.

1:20 Critical Mass

TV - Phil Wallington

Books - Nicky Pellegrino

Life After Life - by  Kate Atkinson
A Tale For The Time Being  - by  Ruth Ozeki

Music -Nick Atkinson

ARTIST:    Rodriguez      
TITLE:        Only Good For Conversation
COMP:    Sixth Price  AKA Sixto Rodriguez         
ALBUM:    Cold Fact         
LABEL:    Light In The Attic    

ARTIST:    Barnaby Weir
SONG:     Bag Of Money
COMP:     Barnaby Weir
ALBUM:    The Green Room  001: Eco.Nation  -  Track 11
LABEL:     Loop 582300

Web - Ben Gracewood

A long time ago, but very close to home  

Pew Study: Americans Abandoning News Outlets, Citing Lower Quality

2:10  Feature Guest - William Shatner  
Actor, singer, author, philanthropist, prolific tweeter, brown bag wine taster.  William Shatner is a person of myriad accomplishments. For most of us though, he is now, and will always be :The Man Who Boldly Went.
Captain of the Starship Enterprise, his work on Star Trek as James T Kirk has assured him immortality.
But William Shatner is not a man to rest on his laurels. Oh no. Since leaving the helm of the Enterprise, he's gone on to establish himself as one of the most original, inventive, unpredictable and beloved performers in film and televison.
And then there's the stage shows, the adventures on Twitter, and  the poetry app....!  He's here in New Zealand this week.

2:30 Auckland Festival Review - Justin Gregory
In today's Festival Review slot; the art world throws open its doors to the public, a Bach cantata gets a pick-me-up and Latin music goes electronic. We critique White Night at Auckland galleries and museums, early music performance Coffee with Mr Bach and Peruvian band Novalima.

2:45 Feature Album -  Harvest Moon - Neil Young  (1992)

3:10  Losing A Culture - Father John Hagileiram
Fears that a tiny island in the Western Pacific will lose its culture if a massive Chinese tourism project goes ahead. The plan for YAP will double its population, but some locals say the proposed resort will overwhelm the island.

3:30 Tea Leaf Salad - Lynda Chanwai-Earle
In Asian Report today; tea leaf salad! Lynda meets men and women from the Burmese community cooking up a storm in the Migrating Kitchen Project in Wellington.

4:06 On The Panel today are Irene Gardiner and John Bishop. In the more and more expensive rooms of our houses as property soars in price in Auckland is there an elephant we will resolutely not look at? The foreign buyer. How will making it harder for NZers to buy houses deter foreign buyers? A Novopay announcement likely today from Steven Joyce and we'll ask again the question, why can't schools look after their own pay? What's wrong with netball as a spectator sport for television, safety in the skies, and the cellphone tax.