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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Wednesday 13 February 2013

1:10 Best Song Ever Written - Patrick Morgan has nominated Harbour Bridge by Don McGlashan.

1:15 Link 3 - Today's answer - The songs don't rhyme

2:10 Katherine Mansfield -  Dr Gerri Kimber -  It doesn't sound very exciting, trawling through the archives of a literary  magazine at Kings College in London. But last July, a PHD student made an amazing discovery involving  one of New Zealand's greatest writers: He uncovered four of Katherine Mansfield's previously unknown short stories and some photographs from more than 100 years ago. The stories are children's fairy tales from 1908, and the other is a 2,500 word story from 1909 called A Little Episode about  the disillusionment of a love triangle that mirrors Mansfield's own life at the time.
He turned the papers over to Mansfield expert, Dr Gerri Kimber. Dr Kimber is in New Zealand to present the new material to the Alexander Turnbull Library.

2:20  The Antique Cookbook - Liz Bigwood
They aren't short stories,  but they tell a story anyway. A collection of historic recipes handed down from one of New Zealand's oldest European families is on display at the KeriKeri Mission House, Kemp House.
Charlotte Kemp and her husband James were missionaries in the early 1800's and lived in the house.
Over the generations their children and their children's children have collected recipes that reflect the scarcity of food at the time, and the struggles of the early european settlers. Some of the items in the recipe collection are on the menu at at Cafe behind Hemp House. Liz Bigwood is the manager of Kemp House.

2:30 Reading - 'Skin To Skin' explores the lives of people in cross-cultural marriages in New Zealand. Today's extract is about Gwenda Paul, a Pakeha who married her Maori husband amid some family tension.
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True  TR.02 © Trinity Roots 2002 Tk 9. Little Things by Warren Maxwell, Rio Hemopo, Riki Gooch.

2.45  Bridge Over Troubled Water - Simon & Garfunkel (1970)

3:10 Techno - Jules Older

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3:30  The Highwic House Do-up - David Steemson
It's a two hundred thousand dollar job. But the new Welsh-slate roof gracing one of oldest Auckland's Historic homes should last 100-years

4:06 On The Panel are Don Donovan and Jordan Williams. The Salvation Army poverty report, questins you may have about the Oope post-Papacy, more on the Richard Prosser comments. The use of being linked in online. Do we really need warnings on coke bottles to make sure weon't drink 10 litres of the stuff?