1:10 Best Song Ever Written - Grant Doughty of New Plymouth nominated 'The Pig Must Die' by Roger Daltry

1:15 8 Months To Mars - We've talked a lot on 8 Months To Mars about the type of courage required to go there, especially for the pioneers. But go there they will. Last week we brought you the list of qualities they've published in order to attract the first recruits for the Mars One expedition in 2023, if that ever lifts off.  
Our Mars traveller today certainly has the right stuff. Three times she has been international kite-surfing champion and she's a former New Zealand Gymnastics champion.  And a mother of two. But her life could have been much different, and much shorter.
In October 1985 she was rescured from the Tory channel after surviving a terrible plane crash which killed 8 people, and among them her parents and her two sisters. She was the only survivor. She has made so much of her life already. 

2:10 Marathon Men - Willie Takona
Five marathons in 5 days ..  It's a prospect the fittest of us would quail at, but it's all in a weeks work for Willie Takona and his running mate, Greg Rightford. They are aiming to finish five marathons in five cities around the country this week.

2:20 Research Studies - Jamie Mannion
It's the hardest part of the job for medical researchers-finding people to take part in the studies and trials they plan.
Recruiting participants is a routine challenge in the field of health research , so much so that about  three quarters of studies don't reach their targets every year. It's a difficulty that's inspired one Auckland  researcher, who's put together a website that aims to match up research studies with the people who can benefit from them most.
Jamie Mannion is the founder of researchstudies.co.nz

2:30 Reading - More of our reading by of Angela Meyer's Sea Fever - From First Date to First Mate.

2:45 Feature Album - Fleetwood Mac's Rumours.

3:12 Feature Author -  Rex McDowell.
It's illegal, but it's everywhere. New Zealanders love their pot. According to the United Nations 2012 drug report, 9.1 to 14.6 percent of all New Zealanders use cannabis.. the highest average in the world..  the global average is less that 4 percent.
Rex McDowell is a former New Zealand  Police detective drug squad responsible for drug enforcement on the Coromadel Peninsula.  His new book, "Cannabis: New Zealand Police Drug Enforcement follows the history of police efforts to shut down everything from the tinnie houses to the greenhouses where marijuana is grown on a massive scale.

3:35 Our Changing World  - Alison Ballance
Jim Mills began studying red-billed gulls at Kaikoura back in 1964 - and, he's still at it!
Red-billed gulls are the small ones that always turn up when you settle down with your picnic at the beach. But for Jim they're much more than just the 'fish and chip bird'. With the help of wife Deborah he's gathered a wealth of surprising information, and Alison Ballance tracks them down in a noisy gull colony to find out more.

4:06 Gary McCormick and Neil Miller are on The Panel, and we'll discuss whether it really is Chinese buyers driving up real estate prices in NZ. A cost-benefit analysis of eradicating cats, about time someone did this. Australia's amazing new asylum seeker, and the world's biggest music poll, run out of Australia by a radio station there, has had its thunder stolen.  Someone worked out the results in advance. How did they do that?  Warrants of fitness... once a year's plenty, it's an unnecessary money-maker for mechanics and the MTA; or no, there's a lot that can go wrong in your car that you don't know about, and for the safety of everyone we need to stay vigilant and frequent. And the radio pranksters who phoned Kate Middleton's hospital - remember? - have been fired, and is that the right outcome or just convenient scapegoating?