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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Thursday 15 November 2012

1:10 Best Song Ever Written - John Stringer from Christchurch nominated 'Sweetheart Like You" by Bob Dylan

1:20  Your Place - Our tour guides are from the Rangitikei district of Hunterville - half way between Taupo and Wellington - population just over 400 - and famous for its Huntaway Festival in October each year.

2:10 Feature Guest - Ringo Starr

He's the most famous drummer in rock music.  Ringo Starr, originally Richard Starkey, a young lad from Liverpool who made a decision aged 13 that would write him into history - to start playing the drums.
At 72, he's still making records and touring  - and he's coming to New Zealand with his All Star band to play two concerts in February.

2:30 Reading - Sheba Williams reads 'Shanghai Sheba: the China Monologues'.

2:45 Feature Album - Abbey Road - Beatles

3:10 Arts Report - Lynn Freeman

A behind the scenes tour of the renovated National Library - a previously leaky home to New Zealand's precious documents. Taxpayers have put in around $65 million for the refit…what do we get for our investment. Lynn Freeman gets a guided tour of the refurbished 1980s building ahead of its grand reopening, with National Librarian Bill McNaught.

3:20 Southern story: Friends of the Cobb

Friends of the Cobb caretake a 5,000 hectare portion of the Cobb Valley, Golden Bay, in Kahurangi National Park. On the east side their territory borders Friends of Flora with 10,000 ha, making this the largest, most intensively trapped area in the South Island. Twenty years ago there were no kiwi or blue ducks. Now they're back, thanks to the trapping programme of Friends of the Cobb and other organisations. The founder and chairman (also ornithologist and author) Chris Petyt hopes to see the mohua – yellowhead – return, and there are rumours of the 'extinct' kokako living in the Cobb.

3:30 Our Changing World - Photos and truthiness - Ruth Beran
Truthiness is a "truth" that a person claims to know intuitively "from the gut" without regard to evidence or facts. Victoria University's Eryn Newman, and supervisor Maryanne Garry, are looking at whether decorative photos lead to a truthiness bias.
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4:06 The Panel - Amanda Millar and Julia Hartley Moore.

NZ's economic situation now and our jobless figures, revisited. No smoking at the beach, thank you very much. Strange arguments pertaining to a cut in police numbers and letting school children wear gang colours. How to tell if you're old, why you shouldn't go to Queenstown if you're single, and the Petraeus adultery saga just keeps getting more and more amazing really.