1:10 Best Song Ever Written

Tim Beveridge nominated Goldfinger by Shirley Bassey

1:15 Link 3 - music game

The Songs:
TITLE:       Let's Stick Together
ARTIST:    Brian Ferry

TITLE:      Tonight's The Night (Gonna Be Alright)
ARTIST:    Rod Stewart

TITLE:      Somethin' Stupid
ARTIST:    Robbie Williams & Nicole Kidman

TITLE:      Triumph of A Heart
ARTIST:    Bjork

TITLE:      History Repeating
ARTIST:    Propellerheads Feat: Shirley Bassey

TITLE:       While My Guitar Gently Weeps
ARTIST:    The Beatles

TITLE:      Luckenbach Texas
ARTIST:    Waylon Jennings Feat: Willie Nelson

TITLE:      Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me
ARTIST:    George Michael with Elton John

TITLE:      Miss Sarajevo
ARTIST:    U2 with Luciano Pavarotti
TITLE:      Money For Nothing
ARTIST:    Dire Straits

The Answer: All the songs had actresses in guest appearances

2:10 Manukau's Rafting Facility Proposal - Sir Noel Robinson and Dick Quax.

A 30 million dollar community recreation project has sparked political controversy in Auckland.
The Counties Manukau Pacific Trust wants to go ahead with an international whitewater rafting facility, to be built at the site of the TelstraClear Pacific Events Centre. They say it'll benefit not only sportspeople and tourism in South Auckland, but also thousands of kids a year.
The facility would be mostly funded by the sale of $20 million of council land next to the events centre... and the land sale is being put to a vote at an Auckland Council meeting tomorrow.
But Auckland councillor Dick Quax is very vocally opposed to the centre going ahead.

2:30 Reading

Peter Vere-Jones reads part six of Colour Scheme by Ngaio Marsh.

2:45 Feature Album

Blown Away - the fourth album from American country singer Carrie Underwood from May this year, which debuted at Number One on the Billboard 200.

3:12 Virtual World - Hamish MacEwan

The links:

Your Finger Swipe Could Become Your Password

Amazing mind reader reveals his 'gift' from an emailer

Nielsen Unveils Ratings Service That Includes Web Video Views

3:33 Auckland story

A small group for the deaf in South Auckland is developing sign language in Maori.

4:06 The Panel - Amanda Millar and Mike Williams

We'll discuss the revoking of Mike Tyson's visa, John Key's thoughts on how cannabis use is harming our tourist industry - is it ? The new Bond song from Adele - a sneak preview. The fight the Maori King is having to get Susan Cullen onto the board of Te Wananga O Aotearoa. Susan Cullen is the woman who was paid $74 million by the Wananga when her father was running it. The police wanting to ban certain personalised plates, and a little bit more on CEO salaries and also Mark Sainsbury's exit payment from TVNZ.