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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Thursday 26 January 2012

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Teen pregnancy in New Zealand is the second-highest in the developed countries. About 78% receive a benefit (not available to under 16-year-olds), and teen parents are more likely to stay on a benefit. Fourty four percent of sole parents on the Domestic Purposes Benefit at end December 2009 had no formal qualifications.

But then there are Teen Parent Units (TPUs) – government funded schools, hosted through a mainstream secondary school, with an Early Learning Centre attached for the children that enable young parents to achieve often greater results for themselves than if they had remained at school.

Sage Forest visits one of the country's 19 TPUs - Kimihia Learning Centre in Linwood, and speaks to some extraordinary mums. The newest TPU opened last year in Invercargill, taking the South Island total to three.


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