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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Tuesday 19 July 2011

1:10 Best Song Ever Written

1.15 TV review with Sarah McMullan

Justified: Thursdays 9:30 on TV1; How to look at a painting:  Sunday's 10:15pm on TV1; Criminal Minds (Suspect Behaviour): Mondays 8:30 on TV1; My Sex Robot: Thursday 9.30 on TV3.

1:25 Book review Vanda Symon

The Address Book by Tim Radford and Mr Briggs' Hat by Kate Colquhoun.

1:35 Music review with Nick Atkinson

Nick Atkinson plays a track from the debut Vietnam War album and looks forward to meeting an original Brian Jonestown Massacre band member next week. Check out this Sundance Grand Jury winning documentary for a crash course in Brian Jones Massacre folk law…. (contains coarse language).

1:45 Internet review with Ben Gracewood

How Technology Makes Us Better Social Beings; the BBC's children's website CBBC;; and NinjaKiwi.

2:10 More on the News Corp scandal with BBC Radio Five reporter, Dan Maudsley

The latest report or speculation on the phone-hacking scandal is that News Corp CEO, Rupert Murdoch is considering stepping down as CEO.  CNBC is reporting that Murdoch would be replaced by the company's Chief Operating Officer Chase Carey.

2:20 Artificial sweetener

Simon Morton's at the supermarket looking at artificial sweetener  food additives - things like saccharin and sucralose that are 200 or 300 times sweeter than sugar but with way fewer calories.

2:30 NZ Reading: The Madonna In The Suitcase, written and read by Huberta Hellendoorn

The challenges and rewards a Dutch New Zealand family experience in caring for a daughter with Down's Syndrome.

2:45 Feature Album

Empty Sky by Elton John.

3:12 Tune Your Engine - The Human Brain Project

A team of scientists in Europe are working to build a computer model of the human brain. Richard Walker is the project's spokesman.

3:33 Asian Report

In part two of this story, Lynda Chanwai-Earle meets some new migrant women being celebrated by the Office of Ethnic Affairs as role models for their communities.

4:06 The Panel

Tim Watkin and Michael Bassett.