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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Monday 23 May 2011

1:10 Best Song Ever Written

Blast Off 1970s by The Gremlins. Chosen by Ben Grubb in Auckland

1:15 8 Months To Mars - what would well-known people do on an trip to Mars?

New Zealand MasterChef champion, Nadia Lim.

2:10 Feature Stories

One Christmas morning, more than 40 years ago, Paul Hargreaves unwrapped a dinky die-cast reproduction of Captain Scarlet's Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle and he was hooked. Although he eventually parted with the toy to buy something new, he never forgot it. He became a collector and now runs his own Toy Museum in Nelson called Toy Toy.

Bob Dylan is a chronicler of a generation and one of the most influential figures of the 20th century according to Time Magazine. Tomorrow, Robert Allen Zimmerman turns 70. Celebrations are planned all over the world, including one John Thornley is organising in Palmerston North.

2:30 Reading

Kate de Goldi's The 10 pm Question, told by John Leigh.

2:45 Feature Album

Blood on the Tracks - Bob Dylan's 15th studio album.

3:12 Author slot

Steven Templin is a former Naval Officer who completed the SEALS infamous Hell Week and qualified as a pistol and rifle expert. He and SEAL sniper Howard E Wasdin are the co-authors of SEAL Team Six: Memoirs Of An Elite Navy Seal Sniper.

3:35 Our Changing World

Victoria University geologists Cliff Atkins and Jane Chewings have been on its trail, and Alison Ballance caught up with them last summer on the sea ice near Scott Base to find out why they're so fascinated with tiny specks of dust.

4:06 The Panel

Dr Michael Bassett and David Slack.