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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Thursday 17 March 2011

1:10 Best Song Ever Written

The Man Downstairs by Rosie Flores from the album Once More With Feeling.

1:15 Your Place

Lawrence, Otago

2:10 Feature stories

The shamrock is getting an overhaul. After centuries of growing the shamrock the old fashioned way in soil, the shamrock is now growing in hydrogel and changing the industry forever. For St Patricks day Jim talks to Eric Westphal from the St Patrick's Shamrock Coy in Dublin.

Lyttelton-based musician Fiona Pears is putting her life back together after the Christchurch earthquake. She's written a song, called Calm After The Storm.

2:55 Feature Album

The Kick Inside by Kate Bush.

3:12 Arts Report

Michelle Ang talks to Simon Morris about her new film My Wedding and Other Secrets, about working in Big Mama's house, and an exciting new American TV show.

3:33 Southern story

Contrary to popular opinion, the godwits do not leave in one mass exodus, but their arrival and departure IS heralded with ceremony. In Christchurch, and Sage Forest was there for this year's celebrations to farewell the godwits.. . just two days before the big quake changed the city's mood.

3:40 Our Changing World

There are species new to science living right on our own back doorsteps, as Alison Ballance finds out when she joins Sarah Gerken from the University of Alaska, and Kareen Schnabel from NIWA on a species hunt on the shores of Porirua Harbour.

4:06 The Panel

Chris Trotter and Jeremy Elwood.