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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Wednesday 22 December 2010

1:10 Best Song Ever Written

Love Your Ways by Salmanella Dub as chosen by Mark 'Hap' Cameron of Nelson

1:15 Link 3 - music game

2:10 Feature stories

Secret files about the Kaikoura lights, and other reports of UFO sightings in New Zealand will be made public this week. It was 35 years ago, almost to the day, since strange lights were seen by a cargo plane and hundreds of people on the ground on December 21, 1978 in Kaikoura. UFO researchers hope the files, which include every eyewitness account of UFOs reported to authorities since the 1950s, will reveal more about the strange lights.

Christmas decorations for the DIY set: Don Holyoake of New Plymouth tells us how to decorate your home without breaking the bank.

2:30 Reading

The Smell of Holidays by Bronwyn Bannister, read by Dra McKay.

2:45 He Rourou

She's ten years of age, has a Maori-speaking Pakeha mother and is already a strong advocate of the Maori language. Ana Tapiata talks with 10-year-old Horiana Pohe about te reo Maori .

2:50 Feature Album

Grayson Gilmour, No Constellation.

3:12 Virtual World

A retrospective on the major trends of 2010 might be the best way to round out the year.

Site of the Week:

3:33 Auckland story

At Christmas time the minds of many Aucklanders turn to the sea and to their boats. Not least amongst them this year is Radio New Zealand's Auckland Music Features Producer Nick Atkinson.

Nick is a long time sail-boat enthusiast and has just bought a 75-year old classic yacht called Melitta. David Steemson caught up with him and Melitta on the mud at Whangateau, near Warkworth.

4:06 The Panel

Joanne Black and Barry Corbett