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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Thursday 18 November 2010

1:10 Best Song Ever Written

My Way by Nina Simone, as chosen by Fleur Sullivan of Oamaru

1:15 Your Place

Barrytown, 30 kilometers by road from Greymouth. The community is scattered along a narrow 14 kilometre long coastal flat, that stretches north, almost to Punakaiki. 255 was the last official census count, but the population seems to be on the increase again.

2:10 Feature stories

When you work for Weta Digital, a five-time Academy Award-winning visual effects studio, you can't just send around the standard "thanks for everything" email when you leave to take a job in the United States. You've got to do better than that when you've worked on The Lovely Bones and District 9 and the upcoming Tintin movie. So when Jesse Lewis Evans resigned to take a job with a prestigious animation studio on the East Coast, he and his mates created a video to send in his parting email.

Wellington Love Letter

The Making of Wellington Love Letter

Orana Wildlife Park has just announced plans to to bring three Silverback gorillas to New Zealand for the first time. Kibabu and his two sons Fataki and Fuzu may soon be calling Christchurch home. At the moment 210 kilo "Big Daddy", who is 33, and his young sons live in Sydney's Taronga Zoo.

2:30 Reading

Getting the Juices, written by Barbara Anderson and read by Kate Harcourt.

2:45 Feature Album

Bob Dylan's Highway 61 Revisited.

2:55 He Rourou

Every year the Takirua theatre produces a Māori language play and this year the production was He Matapihi ki te Ao - A Window to the World. In He Rourou we hear a scene where Māori is spoken with an Egyptian, a Swedish and a French accent. The actors in the play are Tiki Daniels, Nepia Takuira Mita, Paulette Hansen and Karl Te Ariki.

3:12 Arts Report

This week marks the launch of a new book from one of our most visual of film-makers, Vincent Ward.

See images from The Past Awaits.

3:33 Southern story

Sonia Yee is in the deep South where she meets a man interested in history and storytelling whose path crossed with one of New Zealand's most revered writers.

4:06 The Panel

Adam Mercer debuts on The Panel. He's an Auckland architect, and he's on with Liz Bowen-Clewley.

The Kiwifruit compensation announcement, Andrew Mears pleads guilty to manslaughter - was that the right charge? The dangers of cycling, the powers of psychics - they really do have some, suggests this study reported in New Scientist. Do we need a Ministry of Women's Affairs, what does your intuition tell you about that? Would you live near Eden Park? And Wellington City will defend handing out parking tickets while you're waiting for someone to pull out of a park.