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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Tuesday 26 October 2010

1:10 Best Song Ever Written

Vincent by Don McLean, as chosen by Mike Lilian of North Otago.

1:20 Critical Mass

Ele Ludemann on getting things started in the garden - using internet inspiration. Music historian and author Chris Bourke has the Ultimate Kiwi Sing-A-Long party record for us and crime writer Vanda Symon tells us what books have been keeping her awake at night

2:10 Feature Stories

School kids are staying inside at recess and shops have sold out of insect repellent as the north of Australia copes with the worst mosquito invasion in almost 30 years. Black clouds of the mozzies and midges have descended on towns across the Northern Territory over the last five weeks. Experts say a wet October and high tides have made for perfect breeding conditions.

Lorraine Gray never knew her father. She was born the day after Trevor Hedley Roland Gray sailed from New Zealand to fight in World War II. A pilot in the RAF, his Wellington bomber was shot down over the northern part of the Netherlands in 1941. It was chased by German flying ace Helmut Lent following a night bombing raid over Berlin. Villagers from Akkrum believe the crew crash-landed the plane in a bog to avoid hitting the village. It sank into the ground, killing all six crew members. Now, 69 years to the day after his death, Lorraine is returning to the small village to witness the unveiling of a memorial to the father she never knew, and the other men who lost their lives that day.

You Me Now 2:30 You Me ... Now!

Following the trials and tribulations of a group of friends as they find love in the city.

2:50 He Rourou

The man who heads the independent panel into the government's Maori language strategy says demarcation lines need to be drawn when it comes to saving the Maori language. Ana Tapiata talks with Tamati Reedy about the different, yet important roles, Maori and the government should play when it comes to revitalising the Maori language.

2:55 Feature Album

Diesel and Dust by Midnight Oil.

3:10 Tune Your Engine

Jodie Hedley-Ward became the poster-girl for new mums when she published her book You Sexy Mother back in 2008. The book occasioned emails from thousands of women all looking to experience more from the journey of motherhood. This led Jodie to initiate the International Motherhood Study, designed to ascertain what women really think and feel about motherhood in the 21st Century. It'll be published next year, this study. Jodie Hedley-Ward.

3:33 Asian Report

Sonia Yee meets a man in the business of baking… who has turned a shop location filled with bad luck, into a local success.

4:08 The Panel

Rosemary McLeod and Finlay MacDonald.