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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Tuesday 12 October 2010

1:10 Best Song Ever Written

Cry to Me, by Solomon Burke as chosen by Margaret Comber from New Plymouth.

1:15 Critical Mass

TV with Sarah McMullen

Books with Graham Beattie

Music with Nick Atkinson
Hold You Close by Opensouls
Settle Down by Kimbra

Online with Ele Ludemann

2:10 Feature stories

Every three years, voters up and down the country pick a mayor to run their city or district. But in some communities, like Kaikoura and Hamilton, the new mayors will take office without any previous local body politics experience at all. That's why Local Government New Zealand has a "school for mayors".

Australia's Dame Joan Sutherland has died at the age of 83. She will be remembered for her powerful soprano voice and incredible range. But to one singing teacher in Christchurch, Dame Joan Sutherland will be remembered as a friend, and fellow student who liked to do needle point during breaks in rehearsals.

You Me Now2:30 You Me ... Now!

Following the trials and tribulations of a group of friends as they find love in the city.

The week has not started well for Alice. She's lost her job, been confronted by her no-hoper dad and been sidelined by Johno.

2:45 He Rourou

A long-time educator and advocate of the Maori language, Peeti Nohotima, says she's impressed by the calibre of speakers coming up through the school system. She recently judged the junior Maori language section of the national secondary school speech competitions.

2:50 Feature Album

Hemingway's Whiskey by American country music singer/ songwriter, Kenny Chesney.

3:12 Tune Your Engine

Social researcher Hugh Mackay has identified 10 desires that all human beings have, whether we like them or not.

What Makes Us Tick?: The Ten Desires That Drive US by Hugh Mackay
Published by Hachette Australia
ISBN: 9780733625077

3:33 Asian Report

Sonia Yee surveys the Asian contributions to the international exhibition roundabout° showing at the City Gallery in Wellington.

4.06 The Panel

Bernard Hickey and Islay Macleod.