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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Wednesday 29 September 2010

1:10 Best Song Ever Written

While My Guitar Gently Weeps by George Harrison as chosen by Marty Pilott of Wellington.

1:15 Link 3 - music game

Where we ask you to identify the similarity between three songs we play.

2:10 Feature story

Bishop of Christchurch has asked parishioners to think about the victims of the earthquake in Haiti. Bishop Victoria Matthews is appealing to Canterbury Anglicans to give at least $100,00 for quake relief in Haiti.

The fellowship between Sir Peter Jackson and acting unions is apparently fraying, well before any green light is given to film two Hobbit movies. Hundreds of New Zealand actors say they will not work on the Lord of the Rings Prequels unless Jackson meets with them to talk about pay issues. The stand-off has prompted producers to threaten to shift the shooting outside New Zealand. But life goes on at the Shire. Work continues on Hobbiton just outside Matamata.

2:30 You, Me... Now!

Episode three of our daily soap series You Me Now! a crash course in love. It's set in the city and follows the loves, disappointments trials and tribulations of five young people and their friends. Will Johno ever track Alice down . . .

2:45 He Rourou

Maori families don't use hospice services because they just don't know about them, so says the Maori liaison officer of Mary Potter hospice service based in the lower half of the North Island. Ana Tapiata talks with Puhiwahine Tibble about the range of hospice services and the fact that only six percent of their clients are Maori.

2:50 Feature Album

The new Neil Young album, Le Noise.

3:12 Virtual World

1. The Stuxnet Worm
Schneier on Security
Is Stuxnet the 'best' malware ever?
An interesting theory

2. Google adds extra security step

3.33 Auckland story

David Stempson has just been for a ride in one of the country's rarest cars. It was a Trabant, that stunningly awful piece of East German technology… once the pride and joy of East German motorists. This "Trabi" has been brought to New Zealand by the Goethe Institute.

4:06 The Panel

Sir Bruce Slane and Finlay Macdonald.