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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Friday 17 September 2010

1:10 Best Song Ever Written

Singing In My Soul by Fly my Pretties as chosen by Charlotte Wood of Wellington.

1:15 NZ Music - Live

Auckland singer-songwriter Lisa Crawley.

Audio of NZ Live can be found on our music webpage.

2.10 Feature stories

Leonard Nimoy got the idea for the first solo show of his photography at a major museum from a passage in Plato's "Symposium. It speculates that humans were originally double-sided creatures, split apart by jealous gods and doomed forever to seek their lost other halves. Secret Selves, is an exhibition of 26 color photographs, 11 of them life size, at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art. Leonard Nimoy spent nearly 40 years as science officer Spock on the Starship Enterprise. When he wasn't on set urging all to live long and prosper, Nimoy was working at his craft.

2:30 Reading

Seduction, written by Carl Nixon and read by Jed Brophy

2:55 He Rourou

Now in his mid-seventies, Wiremu Kaa and his wife Jossie live in a solar powered house in the small East Coast town of Rangitukia. We have an archival interview between Wena Tait and Wiremu Kaa, where the Ngati Porou kaumatua talks about the death of his dad.

2:50 Feature Album

Licensed to Ill by the Beastie Boys, 1986.

3:08 One Stop Shop

Food: Jean Mansfield with home-made cheese.

Yvonne Lorkin with Wine
Cheap and Cheerful: Kea Point Wairarapa Riesling 2008
Mid Price Magic: Red Tussock Marlborough Pinot Gris 2009
Pricey But Nicey: Rippon Emma's Block Mature Vine Pinot Noir 2008

Sarah McMullan reviews the Australian gangster movie, Animal Kingdom.

3:33 Feature Story

These days parents often question the need to vaccinate children. But 50 years ago, a vaccine administered as a pink drink in a little white cup, was hailed as a wonder drug, rescuing our children from the epidemic which had plagued the Nation. Deborah Nation reminds us of that time on The Vault.

4:06 The Panel

Julia Hartley Moore and Liz Bowen Clewley