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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Friday 11 June 2010

1:10 Best Song Ever Written

Ponta De Lança Africano by Umbabarauma chosen by Bobby Brazuka of Auckland.

1:15 NZ Music - Live

Wellington band, The Phoenix Foundation, who combine offbeat eclecticism with irresistible melodies, and the undeniable ability to rock out live.

2.10 Feature stories

Abby Sunderland is 16 years old and attempting to become the youngest sailor to perform a solo circumnavigation. Late last night New Zeland time, she had been talking to her Dad Laurence on a satellite phone about some engine problems when the two lost contact. Minutes later, one of Abby's Emergency beacons went off. She is well and truly in the middle of nowhere. in the southern Indian Ocean. A Qantas airbus left Perth this morning to look for her. Santa Monica-based photographer Lisa Gizara has been documenting Abby's journey. See her amazing photographs.

The Black Caps have the beige brigade, ... and now the All Whites will have their very own unique fans following them at the World Cup in South Africa. Steve Kerfoot and his mate Scott Cade are off to South Africa this weekend. The diehard Wanganui soccer fans have grown mustaches and will be wearing wigs sporting the Bobby Almond hairdo, as a tribute to their All Whites hero from the 1982 World cup. If you have a suggestion for what we should call these fans... . the Mustache menagerie... the Almond Angels.. email it to us at

2:30 NZ Reading

Another in John Bluck's series of short talks describing his attempts to learn the art of living rurally.

2:55 He Rourou

Singer-songwriter Maisey Rika has been singing professionally for half her life, even winning a double platinum award for an album of Maori classics at the tender age of 15.

Maisey talks with Ana Tapiata about her past year, which has seen her give up her day job, tour internationally, record her album and music videos… to mention just some of her activities.

2:50 Feature Album

The second from from the current darling of the folk scene, Laura Marling. I Speak Because I Can.

3:08 One Stop Shop

Fresh Fast Food with Wellington chef, Jacob Brown.

Wine writer Yvonne Lorkin gives us her picks.
Cheap and Cheerful - Jacobs Creek Grenache Shiraz 2008 $6.99 (on promotion)
Mid Price Marvelousness - Rongopai Hawke's Bay Merlot 2008 $14
Treat Yourself - River Farm Marlborough Chardonnay 2009 $29
Go Nuts - Dry River Pinot Noir 2008 $89.

Noelle McCarthy with her thoughts about The Last Station - the German biographical film about Count Leo Tolstoy.

3:33 Sports Story

Crime reporter for the Christchurch Press and World Cup Football blogger, Keith Lynch.

3:47 NZ Society

Amelia Nurse looks below the surface of the names of people we encounter every day.

4:06 The Panel

Duncan Webb and Simon Pound. More on the credit card spending by the ministers - The Trough, part 2; And do we need instruction in ethics now, as the Australians are introducing into a branch of their public service?; Our World Cup preview, did Google mean to spy on us or not; and the cliches in journalism - you email us about this topic all the time - the cliches that must be avoided like the plague.