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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Wednesday 2 June 2010

1:10 Best Song Ever Written

Goodbye by The Sundays as chosen by Phil Spencer-Harris from Waipu.

1:15 Link 3 - music game

Where we ask you to identify the similarity between three songs. Songs by Amy Grant, Jill Sobule and The Fray.

2:10 Feature story

For 34 days, the crew of the Talisker Bounty, re-creating the voyage of Captain Bligh, have endured soaking wet conditions, near misses with Coral reefs, a knock down, a diet of corned beef and sea biscuits and a captain hit with gout and kidney stones.

Now the exhausted crew is getting a much needed two day break on Restoration Island, just as Captain William Bligh did 221 years ago when Fletcher Christian cast Bligh and 18 of his men adrift in a 23ft open boat.

Talisker Boat Expedition

Sheep rustling is a big problem in Hawkes Bay and it just keep getting worse according to Federated Farmers. The number of recorded offenses increased from 108 in 2003 to 584 last year.

2:30 NZ Reading

Episode 8 of Shackleton's Boat Journey, written by Captain F.A. Worsley and read by Peter Elliot.

2:45 He Rourou

Maori musician Kimo Winiata says the success in Maori language revitalisation has seen the foot has come off the pedal in terms of the Maori language music scene.

Ana Tapiata caught Kimo Winiata when he MCed the recent Maori music concert Pao Pao Pao.

3:12 Virtual World

1. Google TV

2. Are e-books green? No open and shut case

Bits & Bobs

4.8M hours lost to Google PacMan

Want to get internet video to your TV?

Apple - organising online chaos

3.33 Auckland story

Moa ones , ancient hangi sites… and little fish hooks made of shell. David Steemson's takes a look at the Navy's new Museum site on the North Shore with the archaeologist and her treasures.

3:47 Science story

Alison Ballance joins Department of Conservation ranger Pat Liddy in the Tuku Reserve to check on the breeding burrows of taiko, one of the world's rarest seabirds

4:06 The Panel

Mark Inglis and Gordon McLauchlan.

We're putting the kibosh on kosher killing of animals, but how about Halal? The ideas that have surfaced for sparking up Invercargill, and there are some good ones on the list, but how to get the people into the deep south. Al Gore's flash new house, research that claims it's the cellphones dealing to our bees, and the claim that smoking will make you depressed. Have they got this the wrong way round?

See pics of Al Gore's house.