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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Friday 14 May 2010

1:10 Best Song Ever Written

Rebecca Galloway likes Bobby Vinton's Blue Velvet. She's originally from Tauranga, but lives now in Wellington

1:15 NZ Music - Live

Today we feature a well known Wellington covers band, but these guys are about to do their last public gig playing other people's songs. Encouraged by some leading NZ musicians who admire them and think they've got super-talent, notably Jason Kerrison from Opshop, from now on they'll be concentrating on a repertoire of their own material and we'll be hearing some of that today, ahead of a national tour and a planned trip to the UK. From our Wellington studio, Supermodel.

2:10 Feature stories

If at first you don't succeed.. try .. try try again.. in fact try 147 times. Brian O'Connor is giving his pride and joy, Kelly Evander another run in the Harness racing tonight at Forbury Park in Dunedin. The 10-year old mare hasn't had a win in 146 starts. But she's a superstar on the internet with her own Facebook fan club. Owner and Trainer Brian O'Conor believes there is a win yet in his mare, despite her club foot and record on the track to date.

"Painting, or all art, has now become completely a game by which man distracts himself... and the artist must really deepen the game to be any good at all." - Painter Francis Bacon talking about art and artists. He did his bit to deepen the game...

One dinner-party bore is enough to put most of us off the subject of contemporary art for good. But for journalist Sarah Thornton, an intimidating atmosphere of exclusivity was just another challenge to get to grips with as she journeyed through her chosen sphere.

Her book Seven days in the Art World takes us behind the scenes in the world where art is made and curated, criticised, bought and sold.

2:30 NZ Reading

Over the past few weeks, in Maurice Gee's novel Crime Story we've encountered domestic violence, corporate fraud and petty theft that led to murder.

In today's final episode we find Gwen Peet contemplating a 'criminal' solution to her daughter-in-law's problems.

2:55 He Rourou

Otaki school boasts the motto 'Learners today, leaders tomorrow' and it has a total immersion Maori language unit that just keeps growing.

Justine Murray tours the unit with teacher Herewini Katene.

3:08 One Stop Shop

Fresh Fast Food, Weekend Wine, Weekend Weather, Movie Review and This Way of Life

Acclaimed chef Hestor Guy joins us from the Manawatu - she's considering the meaty issue of steak..the finest steak in the country no less.

The recipe is a substantial beefy soup, perfect for Autumn eating!

Wine Author, Editor and Journalist, Joelle, Thomson, who edits Drinksbiz magazine, a bi-monthly trade journal - and writes about wine for the Herald on Sunday's Detour magazine every week.

The first wine is the 2008 Wyndham Estate Bin 555 Shiraz ... can be found for as little as $9, thanks to crazy discounting but it's real price is supposed to be $15

The second wine of the week is 2007 George Wyndham Shiraz Tempranillo $23.

And our Splurge Wine of the Week is the 2007 Gemtree Vineyards Tatti Road $27, so not too much of a break-the-bank type of red, but a very interesting one...

Bob McDavitt has the weekend weather.

Noelle McCarthy reviews Robin Hood starring Russell Crowe.

3:33 Sports Story with Barry Guy

3:47 NZ Society

Time now for the final episode in our series, The Books That Built New Zealand. Four New Zealand writers and thinkers nominate the work they think has helped create our country.

Justin Gregory asks academic Dr Alice Te Punga-Somerville; how can a book that was never published, and never read, tell us about who we are?

4:06 The Panel

Finlay MacDonald and Joanne Black.

The inquiry result at last into the death of Navtej Singh. The apology at last to Maori over the South African rugby tours. Using 0900 numbers to call businesses like Trade Me. The Russians suggest the Americans use nukes to fix the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico. And what exactly is a girlie car?