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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Friday 18 April 2008

Afternoons for 18 April

1.06 Jim Essay

1.10 Best Song Ever Written
My Ever Changing Moods - The Style Council
Nominated by Stephanie Guigou

1.15 New Zealand Live: Gray Bartlett

2.10 V8 Supercar racing

This afternoon we head to Hamilton, the motoring capital of New Zealand, and home for the next three days to 160,000 petrol heads hanging out for the grunt and growl of V8 Supercar racing.

Afternoons talks to Australian Auto Action Weekly motorsport correspondent Jon Evans.

2.20 Funeral Directors Skill Shortage

Baby boomers planning on departing this mortal coil sometime in the near future are being warned to expect a wait in the queue to be buried.

Funeral directors have revealed they may be unable to cope with an expected escalation in the death rate, which is set to increase by at least a third by 2012 as baby boomers begin to expire.

Afternoons talks to President of the Funeral Directors Association of New Zealand, Neil Little .

2.30 New Zealand book reading - Farewell Campo Twelve by James Hargest

Episode 5, read by Ray Henwood

2.45 He Rourou

Miria Simpson, a staunch Maori language advocate, historian, writer and editor

2.50 Wots On

2.55 Bob McDavitt wth Weekend weather

3.12 Fresh Fast Food - Lois Daish

Leg of Lamb braised in a Bag and Passionfruit Posset

3.33 Sports Story - Murray Williams

3.47 New Zealand Society

David Steemson with John and Kath Carpenter - bikies in their "yoof" who, after many years on 4 wheels, have allowed themselves to fall in love with motorcycling all over again - and this time they have a motorbike each!

4.06 The Panel - with Simon Pound and Tony Doe

4.30 News Headlines, Traffic, and Weather