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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Monday 10 March 2008

Afternoons for Monday 10 March 2008

1:06 Noelle's Essay

1:10 Best Song Ever Written - I'm A Loser by the Beatles

According to Graham Wilson

1:15 8 Months To Mars:

Johnny Barker (Joey from Shortland Street)

2:00 News

2:10 Musselling In

It's scientific name is Perna Perna - it's commonly known as the South African edible brown mussel, and a Golden Bay Mussel farmer says if it spreads, our lucrative greenshell mussel industry could be "ruined"!
The South African brown mussel is extremely invasive, and was left behind by an oil-drilling ship in Tasman Bay.
Winston Rountree is the Director of Waitapu Fishing Company; Naomi Parker is a senior science advisor in the marine area of Bio-Security New.

2:30 Festival Review - Paul Bushnell

Giselle, Where We Once Belonged and New Zealand theatre overall, Sacred Monsters.

3:00 News

3:12 Debbie Mayo Smith

Author of Marketing In Today's Wired World

3:33 This Way Up - Simon Morton

Simon Morton has returned to consumer show, This Way Up after a spell overseas, only to find cheese and butters prices through the roof, and predictions our grocery bills will go up 20% this year! Simon talks with Keith Woodford who's a professor of agribusiness and Farm Management at Lincoln University, Steven Scheckter Manager of Ontrays - a cheese retailer and importer, and Peter McLure from Fonterra.

3:47 Science Story

Sue Broom discovers how the agents responsible for mad cow disease may not be caused by abnormal proteins as originally thought. And how your hair keeps a record of where you live and where you've traveled.
(BBC - Science in Action)

4:00 News

4:06 The Panel - Anjum Rahman and Jane Clifton.

4:30 News Headlines/Traffic/Weather