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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Monday 25 February 2008

Afternoons for Monday 25 February

1:06 Jim's Essay

1:10 Best Song Ever Written - When I Fall In Love by The Lettermen.

1:15 8 Months To Mars - Georgie Fame

2:00 News

2:10 Bookhabit

Authors fed up with publishers' rejection slips, and readers hunting for new material will welcome the launch of Kiwi online publisher The website has been developed to enable authors to self-publish their works, for free, and in doing so contribute to an online library of e-books accessible by readers all over the world.
It's an idea with universal appeal, and dreamt up by co-founder Claire Tanner.

2:20 Academy Awards

Heavy wind and buckets of rain haven't managed to put a serious damper on the 80th Academy Awards, Hollywood's glitziest show of the year which has just gotten underway at the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles.
While thousands of fans have packed the bleachers and streets around the theatre, inside the big screen's biggest stars will in the next couple of hours hear who amongst their midst is named best of the best.
Many will be relieved just to be there, given a fortnight ago the Writers' strike was threatening to scupper the event, as it did the celebrity bash at the Golden Globes, which stars refused to cross the picket lines to attend.
So the buzz and air of expectation is already strong, before any of the Oscars have been handed out!
Our correspondent Oliver Barnett.

2:30Festival Review - Paul Bushnell

Black Watch, reviewed by Paul Bushnell.
The Lindbergh Flight/The Flight Over the Ocean and The 7 Deadly Sins, reviewed by Adrienne Simpson.
Ornette Coleman, reviewed by John Pilley.

2:55 He Rourou

In He Rourou today, Ana Tapiata talks to politics to Wena Tait, the manager from the iwi radio station in Wellington.

3:00 News

3:12 Feature interview - Simon Phillips

Drummer from American 80's band, Toto.

3:33This Way Up

Our This Way Up crew look at seasickness, what causes it, whether you can predict it and some of the remedies...everything from sticking to the middle of the boat to popping pills or wearing a wrist band.

3:47Science Report

Investigating New Zealand's unique solution to protecting its unique fauna - by using our more than 1000 islands as mammal-free santuaries. That's in Balancing Nature.

4:00 News

4:06 The Panel - Anthony Wilson and Michael Moynihan

4:30 News Headlines/Traffic/Weather