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4:07 The War That Changed The World: Dresden – The Waging of War

The tank, gas, flame throwers, Zeppelins - the weapons of World War One were like nothing that had been experienced before. At a special event with the British Council, Amanda Vickery and her guests explore the waging of war, its methods and morality at the German Military Museum in Dresden. How did the technological and industrial development revolutionise war? Did Germany really use methods that were so different from other countries? German leaders accepted ‘moral responsibility’ for the war at the Treaty of Versailles. German historians – Sönke Neitzel and Annika Mombauer – and an audience in Dresden debate whether Germany was fairly blamed. They also explore how the experience of this war impacted on the tragedies experienced by cities like Dresden in the war that came after.

The artist and photographer Herlinde Koelbl has spent six years studying how more than 30 different national armies relate to the targets they shoot at in training. Does the enemy have a face? To what extent do people think of themselves as other people’s targets. She delivers an essay on the mind-sets and cultural differences between combatants in World War One.

See the BBC website for more on this programme.

5:00 The World at 5

A roundup of today's news and sport.

5:12 Spiritual Outlook: To Die With Dignity?

John Laurenson visits France and Belgium to explore the debate on euthanasia. (BBCWS)

5:40 Te Waonui a Te Manu Korihi

Maori news and interviews from throughout the motu (RNZ)

6:06 Te Ahi Kaa

Exploring issues and events from a tangata whenua perspective (RNZ)

7:06 One In Five: Invisible Intruders – The Voices In My Head

We hear what happens in the brain during auditory hallucinations, and how engaging with the voices can actually help to heal.

7:35 Voices

A weekly programme that highlights Asians, Africans, indigenous Americans and more in New Zealand, aimed at promoting a greater understanding of our ethnic minority communities (RNZ)

7:45 For Laughter's Sake

Sonia Sly learns about the healing power of laughter.