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4:07 The Sunday Feature: Exchanges at the Frontier - Bonnie Bassler

Bonnie Bassler is the world specialist in how bacteria communicate within the human body. For Exchanges At The Frontier she takes questions from children all over the world and explains to A C Grayling and pupils at Haverstock School in London that though all their bodies contain around 1-trillion human cells, they are actually home to 9 trillion bacterial ones! (1 of 4, BBC)

See Exchanges at the Frontier on the BBC website

5:12 Spiritual Outlook

Our regular catch up with the world of religion, spirituality, faith and ethics – produced and presented by Justin Gregory, Lisa Thompson, Amelia Nurse and Mike Gourley alternating with series from the BBC's World Service programme, Heart and Soul.

5:40 Te Waonui a Te Manu Korihi

Maori news and interviews from throughout the motu (RNZ)

6:06 Te Ahi Kaa

Exploring issues and events from a tangata whenua perspective (RNZ)

7:06 One In Five

The issues and experience of disability (RNZ)

7:35 Voices

A weekly programme that highlights Asians, Africans, indigenous Americans and more in New Zealand, aimed at promoting a greater understanding of our ethnic minority communities (RNZ)