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4:07 The Sunday Feature: Janet Frame Memorial Lecture - Marilyn Duckworth

Books once spoke for themselves. Writers found their own way, without being taught, and without needing to be part of their own marketing machine. Reflecting on 50 years of personal experience, Duckworth investigates the very different path and mode of travel for an aspiring novelist today.

5:12 Spiritual Outlook

Our regular catch up with the world of religion, spirituality, faith and ethics – presented by Justin Gregory and Sonia Yee, alternating with a series from the BBC's World Service programme, Heart and Soul.

5:36 Blue Smoke

Tracing the birth and evolution of New Zealand’s recorded popular music. A series written, presented and produced by Chris Bourke, author of the award winning book: Blue Smoke: the Lost Dawn of New Zealand Popular Music.  (RNZ, originally broadcast on Radio New Zealand Concert)

6:06 Te Ahi Kaa

Exploring issues and events from a tangata whenua perspective (RNZ)

7:06 World Book Club: Harriett Gilbert

Harriett Gilbert talks to Swedish superstar Henning Mankell about Faceless Killers, the first novel in his globally acclaimed series featuring Inspector Kurt Wallander.

See the BBC website for this programme.